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Engineer Overhead Cranes to Your Requirements with Demag Crane Components

Demag is the expert in components for overhead lifting. Our overhead crane components can be engineered into a crane to meet your unique requirements. Building a custom overhead crane solution to meet your requirements includes the sum of its parts. Count on Demag crane components to meet your reliability, efficiency, and safety requirements.

Wire Rope Hoists to Meet Your Requirements

With six configurations to meet nearly any need in a standard environment, the DMR wire rope hoist is flexible and versatile solution to include in your product offering. When it comes to reliable lifting, the motor, gearbox and couplings need to have a smart design for cost-effective operation. The lifting motor on the DMR wire rope hoist comes standard with our cylindrical rotor motor for everyday lifting that is optimized for precise lifting and lowering while offering quiet operation with minimized vibration. The bottom block on the Demag DMR has been designed to make replacing the hand guards easier, without the need to remove the wire rope. Dual Drive options are available to optimize lifting for your specific application.

Demag DH wire rope hoists tandem lifting

As your requirements become more aggressive, the Demag DH wire rope hoist is a solution for non-standard environments and non-standard lifting requirements. The hoist offers long lift, high capacity, and precision not found in standard hoist. An optional load hold brake holds the heaviest loads when needed in applications like aerospace and automotive manufacturing. In aggressive environments, like galvanizing or any environment with high moisture, high chemicals, or high particles, the DH hoist performs. It is comprised of mechanical motors and contact or control, eliminating electrical components that may not survive the environment.

Travel Solutions- End Trucks, Travel Motors, and Wheels

Critical components of an overhead crane are the end trucks. Demag end truck solutions are ready to connect to your customized crane or load bearing structure. The critical components to optimizing travel of the end trucks are the motors, gearboxes, and wheels. Providing the correct torque and speed with a gear motor will optimize the end truck to your application. Demag designs end truck solutions for optimal travel with smooth starts and stops.

When it comes to driving crane bridges and trolleys, opt for the recognizable Demag blue motor. The Demag K motor is a gear motor or AC induction motor and is trusted in extreme and aggressive environments due to its design. Its conical rotor motor design has an integrated, mechanical brake that does not require inverter control, an important factor in aggressive environments with high heat, moisture, particulates, pickling plants, and more.

The Demag DRS-M and DRS wheel block solutions are the gold standard. It is a complete wheel solution with the wheel, bearings and housing, ready for mounting to any end truck or superstructure. Demag DFW II end trucks are equipped with DRS model wheel blocks and can withstand extreme environments like extreme temperatures, hazardous environments, high moisture and high dust. In addition, tailor end trucks to your needs with options like anti-jump catches, storm protection, rain covers, buffer extensions, and rail sweeps.

Talk to one of our experts about your needs so we can match you with a Demag Authorized Dealer in your area to engineer your overhead solution!

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