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Demag Drive Technology- Gear Motors for Precise Requirements

The challenges of building material handling equipment like transfer cars and tippers are different than those found in applications like indexers and palletizers. If your company builds a wide range of material handling products, make Demag Drive Technology your partner.

Demag Drive Technology components make meeting your exacting requirements achievable. Gear motors meet your clearance requirements with right angle, inline and offset configurations to fit your project design. Choose from conical rotor for mechanical braking or cylindrical rotor AC induction motors for use with inverters, there is a Demag AC motor to fit a wide range of speeds, loads, and accuracy or precision.

Demag gear motor and LRS wheel combination to show the product used in a furnace transfer car application shown beside it.


The applications matching Demag gear motors are wide and can be chosen based on requirements like speed, precision, and torque. In a casting furnace car application, two Demag gear motors were used for travel. The application needed to perform in a hot, sooty, dirty environment. The solution used a high transmission ratio and required precise positioning, delivering a stopping accuracy of +/- 2-3mm.

What does your application require? There is a Demag motor to meet your requirements. Contact our experts to discuss your application requirements and the solutions Demag can provide.

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