Optimum logistics – also in automated operation

KBK suspension monorails

Perfect for linear overhead material handling

KBK suspension monorails meet customers specific requirements for linear, overhead handling and include the following features:

  • simple, manually operated straight sections; optional aluminium profile sections
  • load capacities up to 7,000 lbs (3,200 kg)
  • flexible routing by means of straight and curved sections, track switches and turntables
  • direct link between pick-up and deposit points in reversing operation or a closed circuit
  • manual operation, semi- or fully automated designs

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

High flexibility

  • The route can be precisely adapted to meet the structural requirements of any workshop thanks to a wide range of components
  • Transfer to adjacent suspension cranes also possible using latching devices

Great versatility

  • Effective for use as equipment carriers (e.g. for test equipment, electric and compressed-air tools)
  • Reliable supply of media thanks to comprehensive KBK components (cable trolleys, hose clips, etc.) – for dedicated transport with fluids, compressed air and power supply systems for cranes and other mobile equipment
  • Double-rail tracks as carrier systems for rigid handling equipment, such as manipulators or lifting devices

Technical data

Profile section selection: maximum distances between supports and headroom dimensions

Profile section selection



Load capacity [lbs]

      275 550 1,100 2,200 3,500 4,400 5,500 7,000
I 250 Iw
3.8 2.6            
II-L 370 7.9 5.9 3.7 2.7        
II 400   8.0 5.7 3.2        
II-H 413   10.5 9.2 6.7        
III 446         3.7 3.0 2.3 1.9

h: Adjustable headroom dimension
lW: Suspension distance for suspension monorail