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The Demag Training Department's mission is to look for the best method to teach the skills and knowledge required to do a job. Our team of instructors includes subject matter experts, product specialists, industry professionals and consultants. This ensures the quality instruction our customers expect and deserve. We welcome all levels of experience from the beginner to the advanced. Seminars consist of both lecture and hands-on sessions. In addition to technicians, many production and maintenance managers, safety professionals, crane inspectors and plant engineers have found the seminars of profound benefit. Training in our lab is conducted in a controlled environment that is optimized for safety, noise and access to the equipment as needed.

To enroll in a Demag training seminar, visit the Demag product section within Konecranes Training InstituteNOTE: Please have your credit card information ready for online enrollment.

Demag distribution partners, please enroll throughDemag Shop.

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Please Note:

  1. All scheduled seminar dates shown are conducted at the Demag Training Center located in Solon, Ohio - 20 miles southeast of Cleveland.

  2. We reserve the right to cancel any session at any time.

  3. Attendees are responsible for airfare/ground transportation, hotel and per diem expenses. (Lunches are provided during seminars.)

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2017 Service & Maintenance Training Schedule (Q4)

610 Demag Crane Service Seminar (DCSS) - 4 days   13-16 4-7 $1600
620 Demag Crane Inspection Seminar (DCIS) - 3 days     11-13 $1400
630 Advanced IDAPSY Software Seminar  - 3 days 23-25     $1400
640 DC Chain Hoist and KBK Service Seminar - 1 day       $800
650 Demag Crane with DMR Hoist Maintenance - 1 day       $800 (on demand)
651 Demag Crane with DR Hoist Maintenance - 1 day       $800 (on demand)
652 Demag Crane with DH Hoist Maintenance - 1 day       $800 (on demand)
653 Demag Crane with P Hoist Maintenance - 1 day       $800 (on demand)


 To enroll in a Demag training seminar, visit the Demag product section within Konecranes Training Institute or call +1 (262) 821-4006NOTE: Please have your credit card information ready for online enrollment.  

Demag distribution partners, please enroll through Demag Shop.

If you have any questions regarding our Demag seminars, please email:

610 Demag Cranes Service Seminar (DCSS) (4 days)

This is an all-inclusive seminar that covers the vast majority of the hoists, motors and crane components supplied to the USA market.   This is a practical hands-on seminar integrated with lectures about the product and service considerations.  Proper service is emphasized for both wire rope and chain hoists.  The latest and previously available hoist models are covered, making this seminar ideal for service technicians who routinely see all types and eras of Demag equipment.   End users are also allowed to enroll in the service seminar, and will participate along with the service technicians.  

  • Rope hoists covered: DMR, DR Pro, DR Bas, DR COM, DH, and P
  • Chain hoists covered: DC, DK, and PK
  • Motors covered: ZB, KB, KM, KD, PF
  • Other topics covered:  Basic IDAPSY Software, PARCOM Software for DE drives troubleshooting, and any new products as they are introduced. 

The Demag Crane Service Seminar is a pre-requisite for the Demag Crane Inspection Seminar and for the Advanced IDAPSY Software Seminar.   It is also the pre-requisite training necessary for purchasing a Basic IDAPSY software license.

620 Demag Crane Inspection Seminar (DCIS) (3 days with exam)

This seminar focuses on proper inspection methods for Demag cranes.  The class provides inspectors with a practical understanding of OSHA, ANSI, ASME, and CMAA crane codes with an emphasis on how to apply them to Demag cranes.  Demag requirements and criteria are also covered.   Inspectors receive a set of standards to apply to their inspection method.    The Demag Crane Inspection Seminar emphasizes understanding and implementing compliance requirements.    There is a time allotted for hands-on training and practice with real world inspection findings.

Service and maintenance technicians required to perform inspections should attend this seminar.  Familiarity with the mechanical and electrical aspects of Demag equipment is a prerequisite.   Attending the Demag Crane Service Seminar automatically meets this prerequisite.  It may be waived based on an individual's experience level.  Participants must pass a comprehensive written examination on the third day to receive their certificate.

630 Advanced IDAPSY Software Seminar (3 days)

This seminar focuses on the Advanced version of IDAPSY software and is reserved for the Demag service provider network.   The class defines the IDAPSY parameters and practically demonstrates how to make changes in the field to the parameters.    Use of the software for troubleshooting and the internal troubleshooting tools are also emphasized.   New software product developments will also be covered as they become released.

The Advanced IDAPSY Software Seminar is the pre-requisite training for purchasing an Advanced IDAPSY software license.   It must be preceded by the Demag Crane Service Seminar.

640 DC Chain Hoist and KBK Service (1 day)

This seminar focuses on proper service and maintenance for Demag chain hoists.  Both electrical and mechanical aspects of the hoists are covered.  Since time is allotted for covering the older DK and PK models, this seminar is suitable for service providers that see all eras of Demag chain hoist equipment and end users that operate any/all chain hoists.   It is especially suitable for long term end users who have all eras of hoists in their facilities.   Service for KBK Track Systems is also covered as one of the several topics.

650-653 Demag Crane with (xx) Hoist Maintenance (1 day)

This series of seminars are 1 day sessions which cover proper maintenance for a Demag Crane equipped with a specific model Demag wire rope hoist.   Subject matter will include complete crane components, the titled model of hoist, associated controls and applicable software. The seminar is mainly intended for an end user that only has one model of hoist in their facility.   If an end user has more than one type of hoist, we recommend enrolling in the Demag Crane Service Seminar.