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Outdoor Optimized Cranes and Hoists for Your Needs – Demag Crane & Wire Rope Hoists

Outdoor projects require additional component features! When you’re quoting an outdoor crane, or a crane that can travel outdoors, trust Demag Cranes & Components to have a solution to fit. Standard outdoor packages are available for Demag crane kits and DMR wire rope hoists to protect central systems and provide additional calculation protections against wind force.

When weather is an issue, you need to protect the components of your crane and hoist for optimized use and life. Standard Demag options meet IP55 rating and give you the protections you need on single and double girder configurations. On the Demag DMR wire rope hoist, rain covers, sized to fit each hoist, protects the motor and drum from rain, sun and other weather elements. Motors are specially made for outdoor applications. Motors include stainless steel identification plates, condensing drain holes, strip heaters, and special insulation. Dual Drive + motors are used in place of the V-belt driven travel motors so you’ll have 2 motors instead of one. EPDM rubber cables provide additional protections for an outdoor crane to be more flexible and provide more UV resistance than standard PVC cables. Additional corrosion protections to parts and surfaces, storm lock device on the end trucks, and a reinforced rope guide for full outdoor usage give the additional protections needed.

When you’re designing a complete outdoor crane with Demag, you choose the options and features to withstand the environment including rain covers, motor upgrades, and rubber cables. If a V-Girder crane is designed, additional options like drain holes and heavy-duty capacity plate mounting hardware are included in the calculations. By design, the V-Girder is optimized for outdoor use due to its low wind resistance.

When you need an outdoor crane, work with Demag and its network of authorized dealers! You’ll get optimized components and girder design so your operations are optimized for the weather. Learn more about our options and contact us today!

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