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Wetter, Germany

Intuitive load lifting: Demag chain hoist with innovative control unit

  • Variable-speed chain hoist with manual force control
  • Lifting and lowering without having to use the control elements
  • Load can be simply guided by hand
  • Can be retrofitted to existing chain hoists
  • Premiere at LogiMAT

The DCHS extends the range of Demag compact hoist units to include a chain hoist that has an innovative man/machine interface. The operator can simply move the D-Grip unit up or down – and the load follows the motion at the corresponding speed.

Operators of the new chain hoist do not need a separate control unit, in fact they do not even need a rocker switch integrated into the handle to lift and lower the load. The only have to grasp the handle of the D-Grip manual force control unit. It detects the speed at which the grip is moved up or down and controls the drive of the chain hoist accordingly. Consequently, the load moves how the operator wants it to.

In practice, this makes work much easier for users of chain hoists. They do not have to concentrate on pressing the buttons on the control unit when they want to lift and lower loads. Instead, they simply move the D-Grip quite intuitively and simply to the desired height. In addition, they can use two buttons to deactivate the lifting function (blocking button) when the trolley is moved and limit the speed of the drive.

This improvement in typical industrial applications required intensive development work by the Demag engineers before the solution was realised. They had to ensure that user intentions are reliably detected by the sensors and implemented by the control system. Indeed, the speed with which signals are detected and evaluated and are then implemented by the chain hoist drive plays an important role. Ultimately, DCHS units are also used to move and position sensitive components.

The operating speeds of DCHS chain hoists are infinitely variable and available for load capacities ranging up to 250 kg. The operating handle is fitted with a quick-change bayonet coupling as standard, which enables various load handling attachments to be changed quickly and easily.

Users of existing Demag chain hoists that have variable-speed drives can also benefit from this innovation. These chain hoists can be easily converted for operation with the new manual force control system.

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