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Fit for the future: Demag Service modernises four process cranes

  • New crane bridge with high loading group classification
  • Crane control system: Category 3, Performance Level d to DIN 13849-1
  • Synchronised control minimises mechanical wear going forward

Demag Service will modernise four crane installations operated by IMPERIAL Logistics International with a comprehensive package of measures. The specialist for transport and supply chain solutions has awarded a contract for the refurbishment of four process cranes, which have served a steel coil store at its location in Bochum, Germany, for 16 years. Besides the replacement of the crane bridges and the installation of a new crane control system, the forthcoming modernisation project will also include implementation of synchronised control for the long-travel motion. In addition, IMPERIAL Logistics International has placed an order for the refurbishment of the entire crane runway.

Store served by four cranes 

The four identical process cranes entered service at the location in Bochum in 1999. Besides storing steel coils that are delivered to them by a shuttle, the cranes, which operate on two parallel runways, ensure that coils are staged in time for further transport by truck or rail. The double-girder overhead travelling cranes, which are manually controlled from a cab, have a load capacity of 36 tonnes. The four cranes handle some 2.7 million tonnes of steel every year.

Following a detailed review by the Demag modernisation experts, a package of measures was defined for the crane installations:

  • Replacement of the 35 m-long crane bridges, which are rated for a higher loading group classification (H3 B5)
  • Replacement of the end carriages with corner-bearing end carriages and frequency inverter-fed drives
  • Installation of complete new crane electric equipment including the control system, which now meets the requirements of Performance Level d and Safety Category 3 to DIN 13849-1

In addition, Demag Service will equip the four process cranes with synchronised control, which will significantly reduce mechanical wear on the travel wheels and the crane runway. The magnet equipment, the crabs with their 36 t open winch units (MPW), the control cabs and the crane lights of the existing cranes will be kept and installed on the new crane bridges.

As part of the preparation work, the crane runways were surveyed with the Demag laser measuring system (LMS). The results indicated that more needed to be refurbished. Imperial Logistics awarded the contract to replace the entire crane runway, which measures 574 m in length, to Kranservice Rheinberg GmbH, a Demag Service Company.

High availability to safeguard core business 

Holger Hausmann, Senior Project Manager at IMPERIAL states: “Process reliability and on-time delivery are key elements of our business model, which our customers can rely on. That is why our crane installations need to have a high level of availability, since they work around the clock. With its modernisation package, Demag Service made us a good offer that will enable us to support our customers with reliable and efficient contract logistics also going forward.” Carolin Paulus, Vice President Global Services & Marketing at Terex Material Handling adds: “Demag service technicians have been looking after the crane installations operated by Imperial Logistics at their Bochum plant for years. The level of quality that we provide there persuaded our customer Imperial also to award a contract to Demag Service for the maintenance of the cranes at their location in Wolfsburg. We are pleased about the confidence placed in us and we will use our expertise to quickly implement these modernisation measures so that our customer can concentrate fully on his core business.”

IMPERIAL Logistics International 

The portfolio of services offered by IMPERIAL Logistics International, which has its headquarters in Duisburg, is separated into two divisions: the Group pools all its transport services in the Shipping, Road and Express Freight business units in the IMPERIAL Transport Solutions division. The IMPERIAL Supply Chain Solutions division covers all the services in the contract logistics, contract manufacturing and warehousing sectors for the Automotive, Machinery & Equipment, Steel, Retail & Consumer Goods and Chemicals business units.
The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African company IMPERIAL Holdings Limited. IMPERIAL Logistics International employs 8,300 people and generates turnover amounting to EUR 1.4 billion at 170 business locations. 

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