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Wetter, Germany

Flexibility from the modular (Crane) construction kit

  • Concept for all handling needs
  • KBK variant with brace and no pillars on the ground space
  • Assembly stations served by wall-mounted slewing jib cranes

For its new Power Transmission Center (PTC), KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH has implemented a complete handling solution with Demag components and systems. At its assembly stations and test area, a combination of equipment from the KBK modular crane system and single-girder suspension cranes provides an efficient flow of material. Larger items are assembled with the help of wall-mounted slewing jib cranes and a double-girder travelling crane spans the entire central bay.

KTR is known all over the world as a manufacturer of power transmission components such as shaft couplings, flange couplings and torque limiters. At the new PTC at its central location in Rheine, Germany, the assembly of larger coupling units and research & development are concentrated in an area covering 8,800 m². The 130-metre-long main building has three bays, and two bays are divided into function units that each measure 6 x 6 metres.

In the middle bay, all workplaces – of which there are 18 in the first phase of development – are equipped with single-girder suspension cranes from the KBK system and Demag DC-Com chain hoists. The KBK equipment enables the operators at each workplace to pick up and deposit a load at any position in the relevant 6 x 6 m area. The crane bridges each measure 6 m in length and travel on four crane run-ways that measure between 18.5 and 54.5 m long.

For the installation of the cranes from the Demag crane construction kit, which is proven in applications all over the world, the factory planners developed an unconventional solution together with KTR. Dipl.-Ing. Reinhard Wibbeling, Head of Design/Research & Development at KTR explains: “For reasons of flexibility, it was important for us to keep the factory bays clear of any columns. However, since the workplaces are only equipped with a bench, tool cabinet and power supply connections at one end, only one of four sides was available for installation. For this reason, we decided in favour of a self-supporting profile section solution.”

Cantilever profile beams that have an outreach of more than 6 m were installed on the pillars that support the building’s roof. The KBK crane runways are installed on these beams. This application utilises the Demag KBK II-H steel profile section, which makes it possible to achieve distances between suspensions of 6 m for loads on the profile section of up to 1,400 kg.

The second bay is designed for the assembly of larger couplings. In this area, four wall-mounted slewing jib cranes (two each with 1 t and 2 t capacities) are used for handling the components. Thanks to their outreach of 6 m and slewing range of 180 degrees, they can reach virtually any point of a workplace. The entire working area of this bay is also served by a ZKKE double-girder overhead travelling crane, which has a span of 19 m and a load capacity of 10 tons.

The solution selected by KTR provides for unlimited freedom in the factory bay and a feeling of spaciousness. The pleasing appearance is also supported by the fact that all workplaces in the 60 x 130 metre building – even those that are not yet in use – have been equipped with a KBK system plus chain hoist. In the test area of the R&D centre, which is located in the new PTC, a KBK system and – for the large test benches – wall-mounted slewing jib cranes also ensure precise and efficient handling of the power transmission components that need to be tested. Unlike in the assembly area, variable-speed DCS Pro chain hoists are employed here.

The planners and KTR took great care in selecting the supplier for the crane systems, but ultimately quickly arrived at their goal. Reinhard Wibbeling: “We spoke to several suppliers. Terex Material Handling met our expectations in terms of flexibility and, at the same time, a high load capacity with its Demag product range. We are also highly satisfied with the help and advice that we received in advance.” The employees who work at the new workplaces and in the test centre are also satisfied. They use state-of-the-art lifting and handling equipment to do their work. 

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