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Crane operator training courses: Demag Service triples its course volume

  • Needs-based training courses offered to meet sharp rise in demand
  • Bookings for up to 150 participants
  • New health and safety regulations place greater responsibility on employers

Due to the strong rise in demand, Demag Service from Terex Material Handling tripled its volume of crane operator training courses held in 2015. The training courses improve health and safety at the workplace and, from the user’s point of view, offer benefits with reference to questions of liability and insurance.

The operators of cranes used in production and storage processes bear special responsibility. This is also reflected by the new ordinance on industrial safety and health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) that came into effect in mid 2015 to implement the new EU regulations in Germany. In Annex 1, it includes “Special regulations for the use of equipment for lifting loads” and emphasizes in Section 12 the importance of “the instruction and specific assignment of employees”. This places greater responsibility on employers for training employees who operate cranes and hoists.

The new regulations will have been an important, but not the only reason why demand for crane operator training courses offered by Demag Service had already seen a considerable increase in the second half of 2015. Carsten Wittmer, Head of Demag Training explains: “The strong increase in inquires meant that we tripled our volume of training courses in 2015 – particularly for classic Demag crane operator training, which we have developed as all-inclusive courses.”

From the industry’s point of view, it is only logical that cranes should be operated exclusively by trained employees. Carsten Wittmer: “Occupational health and safety requirements are becoming more and more demanding. In addition, verified professional training for crane operators can also be a decisive factor when liability issues are raised.”

As a crane manufacturer, Terex Material Handling aims to ensure that the training courses are particularly practical and efficient. The company now has more that thirty years of experience and employs 20 qualified and experienced instructors throughout Germany. These factors form the basis for the recognised high quality of the seminars and, consequently, for the high demand.

Demag Service offers a variety of different seminars at its two training centres in Wetter and Wiesbaden. In addition, the crane operator training courses are largely held on site at customers’ premises. Carsten Wittmer: “In most cases, it is more cost-effective if the courses are held on site. For our customers, this means greater efficiency, since no travel expenses are incurred and lost time is consequently minimised. An additional benefit: the practical exercises can take place on the same cranes which are later to be used by the trained employees.”

The customers who are currently having their crane operators trained by Demag Service include the airline Air Berlin. At its three locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich, Demag Service is currently training around 130 of the airline’s employees. Frank Moos, Head of Project & Process Management at the airline’s technical division is highly satisfied with the results so far: “We work with sensitive components on a daily basis. The consequences of any damage caused by poor handling would be far-reaching and costly. For that reason, we place great emphasis on ensuring that our staff are always kept at a high level of training. Thanks to the on-site courses held by Demag Service, we are able to maintain our high training standards without any loss of time.”

Groz-Beckert KG from Albstadt, one of the world’s leading suppliers of products for various textile production and joining processes, also utilises the offering from Demag Service. Dr. Heiko Dietz, Personnel Development: “We place the highest priority on the safe operation of cranes. Demag Service offers a very practical range of courses, which is ideally tailored to meet our needs. We have trained some 150 participants, who are highly satisfied with the training courses.”

The current range of training courses including Demag crane operator courses can be seen at

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