DCBS Chain Hoist - Electric Balancer

Intuitive Control. Precise Positioning.

Our Demag Electric Balancer Makes Loads Easy to Guide

Intuitive Load Handling for Greater Efficiency

Intuitive load handling has never been so easy and, at the same time, efficient. Based on our DC chain hoist range, the Demag Cranes DCBS includes balancer function that allows loads be guided and precisely positioned with ease, making them vital lift assist devices for your operations.

Our chain hoist balancer DCBS units are available in three sizes with load capacities up to 550 pounds. Additionally, these electric balancers are compatible with our comprehensive Demag KBK light crane system. DCBS units can easily travel on KBK profile section rails: on single-girder suspension cranes, suspension monorail systems or on jib cranes. This gives you a range of application options to use your electric balancer. If you want to implement an application with lifting masts, manipulators or your own load-handling attachments, the remote handle controller sensors can be installed in the load-bearing arrangement.

Read on to learn more about these intelligent lifting devices and to discover all of their key product specs. Be sure to reach out with any questions.

High Safety and Reliability

Core functions of our DCBS electric balancer include:

  • Lifting and lowering by manual force on the control handle
  • Manipulating loads
  • Protection against slack chain
  • Protection against snatching loads
  • Movements can be stopped if loads fluctuate widely
  • Monitoring/reducing load capacity

Our ergonomic lifting devices have been designed with safety in mind and feature the following aspects to help your facility and its operators:

  • Low-wear brake thanks to regenerative braking
  • No need to adjust the brake
  • Brake arranged before slipping clutch in the drive arrangement to eliminate load slipping
  • Automatic braking if a malfunction occurs
  • Slipping clutch with automatic cut-out by means of speed monitoring for no continuous slipping
  • Gearbox, slipping clutch and brake maintenance-free for up to 10 years
  • Safety-related functions satisfy at least Performance Level C and Category 2 to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Demag DC Chain Hoists are Hoist Manufacturer Institute certified. This means we are one of the industry’s leading suppliers of hoist equipment.

Features of the DCBS Electric Balancer

Along with everything listed above for our DCBS chain hoists, they can additionally provide:

  • Operating limit switches (upper/lower)
  • Elapsed operating time counter
  • Installation transparency thanks to operating data interface (IDAPSY)
  • External remote handle sensor in the load-bearing arrangement
    • Applications:
      • lifting masts,
      • manipulators,
      • customer-specific load attachments

Simple Installation

  • “Plug and Play” electric connections

Product information

The Benefits at a Glance

Grip Control

  • Easily control the load with the D-Grip Servo control handle as part of our electric balancer

Load Positioning

  • By switching over to “load positioning mode,” the operator can grasp and guide the load with the hands to directly move with light pressure

Assembly Mode

  • Oscillation and uncontrolled load movements are suppressed in “assembly mode” to be ergonomic and provide for precise motions in your processes

Load Pick-Up Mode

  • Load handling attachments will be lifted to a pre-tensioned height
  • Load can be removed without dropping or sudden upward pull to protect jigs and machinery, as the balancer only lifts until a preset force is reached

Contact Us About Our Chain Hoist Balancer Units

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