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Inspections of load handling attachments and lifting assessories

From factory repairs to inspections

Although they are in constant use, load handling attachments and lifting accessories are frequently taken for granted. However, minor or even invisible damage can have a considerable impact on safety. For this reason, this equipment must be in perfect working condition at all times – and regular inspections are essential.

Leave nothing to chance

State-of-the-art testing, experience and expertise form the basis of our mobile inspection service. All legal requirements are met and only officially approved inspection and testing methods are employed – from load and magnet crack tests to dye penetration tests and visual, dimension and function checks.

Documented safety and reliability

Our inspection technicians compile a record of your load handling attachments and slings and document the inspection process and any results. When the inspection has been completed, you receive official acknowledgement in the form of inspection tags and an inspection report that your load handling attachments and slings meet the relevant legal requirements. Any defects are either repaired direct on site or at our Demag Repair Center.

Benefits at a glance

  • State-of-the-art testing technology, experience and expertise right on your site
  • Maximum safety, reliability and availability of your equipment
  • Test bench for overload testing up to 20 tonnes
  • Test frames for testing the operating functions of mechanical lifting equipment and magnets
  • Magnetic fracture testing equipment to detect small cracks

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