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Demag Service Platform

Professional Equipment Management

Your installations at a glance – at any time or place with our Demag Service Platform

As your equipment becomes more complex and grows in size, you tend to face more challenges in managing it, for example keeping track of maintenance intervals for different equipment and performing compulsory safety checks and inspections, as required by law. The consequences of failing to do so could have a large impact.

Without professional equipment management, it would be difficult to maintain an overview of your equipment, co-ordinate schedules, ensure an efficient flow of information and analyze safety-related events.

One solution for all your equipment

Our Demag Service Platform combines all information on equipment, service work and events. It provides you with a clear overview of not only cranes, but also other technical equipment regardless of their manufacturers and locations. From safety officers to factory management – everybody involved in your service activities has the same information at all times.

Besides the basic functions, various optional modules are available that can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

Matching your needs

Ensure safe operation

Our Demag Service Platform enables you to plan service events and store inspection and job reports which can be retrieved quickly at any time. For routine jobs, a new schedule would be automatically recommended after the tasks have been completed. All information can be made available through different levels of access permission to ensure an optimum flow of information throughout the entire company.

Manage documentation

With our Demag Service Platform, you can store all your product-related documents according to how they are classified and can retrieve them at the press of a button. In this way, you can still have a good overview even after many years.

Manufacturers' documentation available at all times 

As a web-based application, our Demag Service Platform gives you fast, password-protected access to your stored documentation – for even better efficiency.

Functions and benefits

At a glance

  • Complete overview of all equipment and events
  • Effective deadline tracking
  • Verifiable history of inspection work

Integrated archiving

  • Structured filing system with direct access to all documents relevant to your service activities
  • Simple electronic document management

Easy to use

  • Global access to all information
  • Web-based application, therefore no need for installation or updates
  • Current version always available (including all extensions)
  • Self-explanatory processes

Search for equipment

  • Clear overview of all equipment
  • Rapid access to all relevant data

Manage your own users

  • Add more users
  • User-defined authorization with filter function
  • No workstation licences required

Track changes

  • Personalised login
  • Assign all activities to specific users

Safe and reliable data transfer

  • Encrypted data transfer between web server and web browser

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