Complete check of your installation

Demag process crane reviews

Complete check of your installation, any applications.

When it entered service, your process crane met the requirements of all relevant standards and safety regulations. The crane was in optimum configuration to match your processes and featured a high level of availability. Many components are subject to wear resulting from continuous use of the installation. The processes may also have changed within your value chain.

Demag process crane reviews

Our process crane review involves a complete check of your installation according to a specially compiled checklist by an experienced and specially trained service technician. As the person responsible for operation of your installation, you then receive a detailed status report on the current condition and the performance of your crane for the future. We also give you a catalogue of measures for any necessary repairs, refurbishment or maintenance work that will enable your crane installation to be prepared to meet all requirements.

In this way, your crane will also be able to provide further high performance within your process in future.

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  • High availability and realibility of your process cranes
  • Analysis, costing and implementation from a single source
  • Manufacture's quality ensured throughout
  • Transparency/quality indicator of own maintenance staff or service provider
  • Compliance with relevant industrial safety regulations
  • Service by the manufacturer
  • Certainty of realiable planning thanks to verified, in-depth information on your equipment and availability of all installed components

Scope of services

The current condition of the installation is determined, analysed and evaluated by means of the process crane review. An analysis of this kind includes the following items:

  • Review, measurement, assessment and evaluation of the current condition of the installation
  • Check of the electric and mechanical functions of the installation
  • Assessment, measurement and evaluation of the wearing parts
  • Review of repair and maintenance requirements
  • Description of any defects and risks
  • Calculation of the availability of installed components
  • Documentation of any resulting need for refurbishment or modernisation
  • Calculation of the remaining safe working period (S.W.P.) of the relevant hoist units
  • Documentation of the condition of the installation and of the calculation and measurement results in an easily understood inspection report

Further optional services related to process crane reviews:

  • Calculation of the remaining safe working period for travel units
  • Calculation of the remaining safe working period for bridge structures
  • Profibus diagnosis
  • Vibration diagnosis for winch units to identify any damage to bearings, gear wheels and shafts
  • Inventory of available Demag spare parts held in stock.