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One-Handed, Ergonomic Lifting with the Demag Manulift

Workforce safety is one of your top priorities. If you want to eliminate or reduce the amount of manual lifting in your processes, the Demag Manulift Chain Hoist can help. It’s ergonomic, easy to use, and adaptable to nearly any process. See how Demag has reinvented one-handed load handling.

Demag offers two models to meet your individual needs and investment level. The DCM-Pro and DCMS-Pro Manulift can compliment or eliminate manual lifting in your current processes. Ergonomically designed, the Manulift enables you to handle loads quickly and safely with just one hand. Adaptable to nearly any process, it’s simple, quick-change coupling handles your different loading needs, including load hooks, pantograph tongs, clamping, shaft grippers, parallel gripper systems and custom load handling attachments when needed.

Whether you’re looking for a two-speed or infinite variable speed option, Demag has a Manulift model to meet your needs. The DCM-Pro and DCMS-Pro Manulift are adaptable to nearly any task, lifting up to 550 pounds. “The feedback we’ve received from users is that they love how easy the unit is to use,” said Brian Stephens, Senior Product Manager, Handling Solutions and Drives. “It doesn’t matter if your left or right-handed, the controls are smooth and allow for precise positioning for nearly any job.”

The Manulift is easily integrated into your existing assembly or production processes on our KBK Modular Crane Systems. Easily mounted for push travel in the area, operators will appreciate the smooth running, manual travel of the KBK system. “When we have the opportunity, we bring customers into existing installs of the Manulift so they can experience it first hand,” said Tom Chapman, Demag District Manager. “Once they feel how smooth it runs and how ergonomic and easy it is to use, they see how it will benefit their own processes.” To learn more about the Demag Manulift chain hoist models, visit or contact your local Demag dealer.


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