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Beyond the track: Demag KBK extending cranes for low load capacities

  • For lifting and positioning tasks beyond the crane runway
  • Very low deadweight, outstanding smooth running characteristics
  • Additional scope for light crane systems

Extending cranes in the lower load capacity range have been added to the Demag KBK modular crane construction kit. The smaller profile section rails are now also available for this crane type with immediate effect. Users gain ergonomic benefits resulting from further reduced deadweight and an extended operating range.

The KBK system provides users with a versatile light crane system that can be adapted to meet differing requirements in production, assembly and shipping applications. The system is based on steel and aluminium profile sections and smooth-running trolleys that enable hoist units to be moved with ease. The low deadweight of the profile sections also contributes towards their smooth running characteristics. The result is a system that literally gives the operator hands-on support for handling loads, improves ergonomics and reduces the physical burden to a minimum.

The KBK system has now been extended once more. New to the product range are extending cranes for the small KBK I, A12 and A16 profile section sizes with load capacities of 80 and 125 kg. They enable users of KBK systems that are equipped with these profile sections to perform lifting and positioning tasks also beyond the crane runway. This extends the working area that can be served by a “small” KBK system and also provides good access to parts of a workshop that are otherwise difficult to reach – for example between pillars and supports.

The outstanding smooth running characteristics of the trolleys also have a positive impact when the cranes are extended: the operator only needs to exert very little force to move the hoist unit outside the crane runway to pick up and deposit loads. An energy chain, which is one possible method to guide cables, ensures that power and signal lines are reliably guided at all times.

The extension length (up to 1.50 or 1.80 metres), the maximum load capacity (80 to 125 kg) and the crane girder length can be freely selected when designing installations. Extending cranes that can be extended to either side can also be realised. Extending cranes have been part of the product range for both of the larger KBK Aluline profile section systems (A18 and A22) as well as for the KBK system – a tried-and-tested solution that has been on the market for decades. The KBK Designer online tool can be used for fast and simple project engineering of extending crane solutions.

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