Our Heavy Lifting Cranes and Services

At Demag Cranes, we can provide the reliable heavy lifting equipment you need for your operations to keep everything moving, maintain your essential production, and stay profitable.

We offer solutions that will work for you, whether you need a fully engineered, customized crane built to meet the unique needs of your facility or an off-the-shelf crane kit. Demag has the product to meet your application needs.

If you’re in need of a crane for heavy equipment, read on to discover all that Demag Cranes can provide for your business!

Our Options for Heavy Lifting Equipment

Whether you’re looking for equipment that can handle 5, 10, 20, 30, or 50 tons or more, we can provide, because our heavy lifting cranes are able to accommodate up to 250 tons.

Within our options for heavy lifting equipment, we can supply both single and double girder overhead traveling cranes. Some of the key aspects of our single and double girder cranes include:

  • Utilization of trusted Demag components
  • Top running or under running girder and trolley options
  • Matched with the Demag hoist to meet your specific needs
  • Our easy, standard top connection of the girder to the end truck eliminates the need for special tools and makes assembly quicker
  • Flexible design capabilities with more girder to end truck joint options to meet configuration needs
  • Standard inverter motor control of the end truck drives for precise positioning, smoother handling, and safe end approach
  • For our double girder cranes, there is the option to include the Demag MPW Open Winch for the most demanding jobs
  • Our cranes also have simultaneous and independent hoist control available for multiple hoists and trolleys on one bridge

Along with all of these factors, Demag Cranes is the only crane manufacturer that can offer three different types of girders – V-girders, box girders, and beam girders – giving you true options when it comes to your heavy lifting crane equipment.

V-Girder Cranes

Some of the features of our V-girder style cranes include the following:

  • Our patented girder technology reduces oscillation, produces 17% lower deadweight, and increases ambient lighting and airflow in the area of the crane
  • With these units you can conduct regular maintenance effortlessly – you’ll be able to easily see 100% of the welds for inspection and the area around the girder for additional safety
  • Available as single or double girder cranes

Industries Which Regularly Utilize Our Heavy Lifting Cranes

At Demag, we’re proud to supply heavy lifting equipment to a wide range of industries. These include the following.

Top Industries for Single Girder Cranes

Top Industries for Double Girder Cranes

Whether you’re a part of one of these industries or are within another sector, be sure to reach out to us for reliable heavy lifting cranes.

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