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Coil Handling and Steel Warehousing Cranes to Meet Your Unique Needs

Coil handling and steel warehousing requires a knowledgeable partner. With Demag’s extensive experience in coil handling, matched with 2 centuries of experience in material handling, we can take your specifications and design a crane to handle your needs.

Our engineers design your steel coil handling and storage project to be efficient, versatile, and high speed. Built to CMAA class D service, our cranes can handle the capacity you need from under 30 tons up to 50 tons and more. High speed, adjustable frequency drives on the bridge, trolley and hoist allow for smooth and flexible. Each crane is designed to your unique needs, spans up to 100 feet, up to 40 foot lift and speeds to meet your needs. Demag’s express speed allows you to move the empty hook to the next position quicker.

With lift speeds up to 26 feet per minute with a full load, we can provide you with c-hooks or motorized grabs to optimize your load handling needs. Demag can make your coil handling and warehousing processes automated to meet your needs. Whether you need full automation or just a portion of the process automated, we can tailor your crane to meet your inventory, storage capacity or handling needs.

To learn more about Demag’s coil handling and steel warehousing cranes, visit Send us your project requirements and request a quote today using the contact button on the right side of the page! To learn about how Demag can automate your coil handling and steel warehousing crane, download the PDF below.

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