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Wheel Blocks that Drive Material Handling - Demag LRS Wheel Block Solutions

Demag’s LRS Wheel Block System is versatile and can help simplify your next project. Whether you’re designing transport, feed, die handling, mill equipment, transfer or distribution cars for light or heavy weight loads, you need a solution that is cost-effective and simple, but lasts and gives you the efficiency you need. “The LRS Wheel Block System is our simplest solution when you’re designing any sort of material handling car for your facility,” says Brian Stephens, Senior Product Manager, Handling Solutions and Drives. “Our wheel solutions are simple for your engineers to design and versatile for use in nearly any project.”

The Demag LRS Wheel Block System is a workhorse and is ideal for any project that has constant, repetitive motion. Since all components are matched from design to production in our factory, all components fit seamlessly together and it eliminates additional engineering needed to determine how various components will work best together.

Its versatility is unmatched. The LRS Wheel Block System can handle a wide range of material handling travel needs. No matter whether you are designing a project that is manual push or motorized, Demag’s modular design makes it easy to add a Demag gear motor to this wheel system, even in low clearance situations on rail-guided applications.

“An added bonus with the Demag LRS Wheel Block system is that it’s virtually maintenance free. Even if maintenance or replacement is necessary, the precise surfaces virtually eliminate time-consuming realignment of the components,” added Stephens. When you start your next project, consider the LRS Wheel Block System for its versatility and simplicity. For more information on the Demag LRS Wheel Block System or any of our matched wheel and motor combinations, visit or contact your local Demag dealer.

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