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Light Lifting Almost Anywhere - Demag Freestanding Crane Systems

When you’re lifting in an assembly line setup, you want to maximize your space while providing a safe working environment for your workers. Demag has a full line of freestanding, modular crane options to optimize your light lifting processes. Freestanding KBK Crane Systems are available in cantilever, lamppost and standard portal setups. These three designs allow you to install lifting equipment easily in existing locations while eliminating the additional costs and hassles associated with assessing the buildings structural steel and other properties. “Freestanding systems are optimal for lifting light items that would be too heavy or too unsafe for individual workers to handle,” says Brian Stephens, Senior Product Manager, Handling Solutions and Drives. “Since these systems don’t rely on the superstructure and structural steel, we can install these systems almost anywhere and they become more mobile than other solutions out there. The system can be moved with any process changes and production line moves.”

Demag offers the widest selection of components for its modular, monorail and enclosed track KBK Crane Systems. “This gives you the opportunity to customize a system with off-the-shelf components to meet your needs,” continues Stephens. “You don’t have to settle for something that doesn’t meet all your needs.” Demag Freestanding KBK Crane Systems lift loads up to 2 tons and allow for carts, tow motors and other machinery to move freely within the area.

For more information on our Freestanding KBK Crane Systems, visit or contact your local Demag dealer. Don’t forget to visit us at the 2019 ProMAT Show, April 8-11, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois to talk to us about all our freestanding KBK solutions!


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Demag Cranes & Components is a leading brand of premium industrial cranes, hoists, and crane components. We offer reliable solutions to fit your needs, no matter if you are a small shop or major industrial operation. From our modular KBK crane solutions and work stations to custom overhead crane builds, we partner with you to find solutions to fit your material flow, logistics and industrial drive needs. We focus on the benefits you’re looking for in your lifting equipment- safety, efficiency, reliability, and performance. Demag is committed to performance with comprehensive sales and service support so you can be confident in your investment.

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