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Smooth operation redefined: The new KBK Aluline light crane system

  • Improved smooth-running characteristics
  • For handling loads up to 2,000 kg with low effort
  • Considerable freedom in planning crane and handling systems

With the aim of redefining ergonomics, Terex Material Handling has completely redesigned the Demag KBK Aluline light crane system. Further reduced rolling resistance enables operators to move loads weighing even up to 2,000 kg easily by hand with even less effort. The new KBK Aluline debuts at LogiMAT 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Marc Rieser, Head of Modular Cranes Business Line: “By specifically optimising the interplay between individual components, we have not only reduced the start-up resistance. The system also achieves very good travel resistance values. This improvement is really tangible for the user. He requires noticeably less force to move loads. We have redefined smooth running characteristics with our new KBK Aluline.” Noise levels are also reduced as a result of the low rolling resistance. This also brings relief for employees and additionally improves the working environment.

Six profile sections in four sizes

The new light crane system includes aluminium profile sections in four sizes that offer improved rigidity and a higher load capacity thanks to their hollow section design. In addition, all profile sections have lateral slots that are compatible with the ITEM system.

The two larger Aluline profile sections are available with optional integrated conductor lines. The spectrum of applications for the light crane system ranges from small workshops to complex, interlinked material flow solutions that are also utilised in semi-automated production. The system finds widespread use particularly in the international automotive industry.

Greater freedom of planning thanks to new rail connections

As an overhead handling system, KBK Aluline makes it possible to create almost any size of suspension crane or monorail system. The new modular system improves this versatility even further, as it requires fewer suspension points. These improvements require high-strength rail connections for crane runways. Compared to the previous system, the distance between the profile section connectors and the next suspension points has been significantly increased. Overall freedom in planning has reached a new level, since the rail joint now no longer has to be arranged close to the next suspension point.

The entire system can be installed in a minimum of time and requires virtually no maintenance. All aluminium profile sections can be combined with KBK steel profile sections within a single system – also at a later date. The “new” sections in the Demag light crane system are also compatible with existing KBK Aluline systems, which means that any profile sections that are already installed do not have to be replaced when installations are extended.

Users are supported by the KBK Designer online tool for planning material flow systems with KBK Aluline. Terex Material Handling, of course, also provides personal assistance for planning projects – all over the world.

Additional information

50 years of the KBK crane contruction kit 
The system concept was already a prime goal when the Demag KBK crane construction kit was first developed some 50 years ago. Modular design, versatility, safety, reliability and convenient operation were incorporated to ensure the quality of overhead material flow systems and, at the same time, to reduce overall costs. Since that time, these key features of the system have been consistently further developed and KBK quickly became established as a versatile complete solution for overhead material transport requirements. The launch of the KBK Aluline crane construction kit marked an extension to the system that features a low deadweight and smooth running characteristics, thus making it particularly suited for push-travel hoist units. These characteristics have now been improved once more with the latest KBK Aluline system.

Suspension distances [m]
Profile section/load capacity [kg] 100 150 250 500 750 1,000 1,250 1,600 2,000
 A12  4.7  3.8 3.0  2.1 1.5 1.1      
 A16 7.1  5.8 4.5  3.2  2.4 1.8 1.5 1.1  
 A18 / A18-R *)  8.0  8.0  6.5 4.6  3.8 3.2 2.8 2.2 1.8
 A22 / A22-R *)  8.0  8.0  8.0 6.0 5.0  4.3  3.8 3.0  2.4

*) with integrated conductor line

About Terex Material Handling 
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About Terex Corporation 
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