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Intuitive guided load handling with the Demag E-balancer

  • Controlling lifting and lowering motions by touching the load
  • Exact positioning for assembly and joining operations

The Demag E-balancer, a newly developed handling device, can be used for the extremely smooth and gentle handling of components and for positioning workpieces with ease and maximum precision.

The E-balancer acts like an extension to the operator’s arm. At the same time, lifting and lowering motions can be precisely controlled using the ergonomic D-Grip operating handle. The operator can switch over from this “grip control” mode to “load control”. He can then handle the load direct and can control the E-balancer simply and intuitively by slight movements without any need for a man/machine interface. 
A sophisticated electronic control system provides for highly precise and gentle positioning. Thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface, the E-balancer provides workers with a tangible boost in efficiency and allows them to concentrate on assembly processes.

Precisely held in balance
The Demag E-balancer can be used for guiding and positioning loads very carefully and with a high level of safety and reliability.This work includes tasks such as changing tools on injection moulding machines, positioning workpieces in machine-tool jigs and the assembly of components and machinery.

The electronic control system provides various operating modes to allow the E-balancer to be matched the specific operating conditions precisely. This function enables all load pick-up, transport and positioning applications to be implemented to meet your exact needs. The operating mode can be selected via the D-Grip operating handle or provided automatically.

Electronic load detection makes it possible to achieve precise positioning.The E-balancer micro-processor control system detects the current load and automatically holds it in perfect balance when at rest – without any specific position tolerances.A slight movement of the hand in the required direction is sufficient to guide the load gently in a fluid motion and to position it with millimetre precision.Consequently, the operator can guide the load with ease – heavy loads become almost weightless and can be positioned down to the last millimetre.

Special operating modes for high precision
Two special modes make handling operations safe and simple to complete when loads have to be picked up and parts need to be positioned.In load pick-up mode, the E-balancer adjusts to meet actual needs of the application and only permits the required force to be exerted.For example, when a sensitive tool is being handled in a jaw chuck, the system ensures that the operator cannot exert too much or too little force on the load held by the chuck.The E-balancer prevents the load from moving when the chuck is opened to remove the tool and prevents forces from developing that might cause damage.In assembly mode, the E-balancer suppresses any oscillation with uncontrolled movements of the load and makes it easier for the operator to position parts.

Three sizes for efficient operation
The E-balancer only operates with an electric power supply; thanks to its plug-&-play connections, it can be quickly put into operation.Any cabling and wiring or complicated maintenance of an additional media supply, e.g. with compressed air, are not required.Equipped with rugged technology designed for industrial applications, the E-balancer is offered with load capacities of 80, 125 and 160 kg.These units are rated for a lifting speed of 35 m/min. They are equipped with a tough rope guide on one rope drum and have a maximum lifting height of 2,200 mm.

Optimum ergonomics
The D-Grip unit, which is connected to the E-balancer by a helical cable, enables the handling device to be controlled ergonomically with fatigue-free single-handed operation.The system is even more ergonomic thanks to its ability to switch over to guided load control mode – the E-balancer then responds to slight pressure exerted by the operator.

Safe in any operating mode
The load is securely held by means of a slipping clutch arrangement and continuously monitored in all operating modes.Limit switches and lifting force limitation are integrated as monitoring functions.The brake is immediately applied and the load is securely held in the event of a power failure.In addition, a photo sensor in the operating handle protects it from unauthorised actuation. Displays on the unit and the D-Grip also provide for a high level of transparency within the installation.They are used to indicate the current operating status and show when maintenance work is due in good time.

Adjustable parameters

The specific parameter settings required for a given application can be programmed via an external hand-held terminal or a laptop.The selected parameters can be saved as a data record. This enables them to be uploaded into a replacement unit or to be used for new units that are set up for similar workplaces.

The variables that can be configured to meet specific requirements include

- Minimum and maximum lifting speeds

- Acceleration/deceleration

- Ramps for start-up/stopping (gradient/limit value)

- Speed limitation

- Minimum and maximum torque for balancer operation

- Function assignment of the buttons

- Load limitation

Versatile application
Based on industrial mechanical components that are tried and tested all over the world, the E-balancer is designed for operation in harsh industrial applications and can be easily adapted to match changing requirements and future production processes.The E-balancer can be equipped with various load attachment systems via a quick-release coupling.For such requirements, Demag offers a wide selection of load hooks, crate, shaft and other grippers.Customer-specific gripping devices can, of course, also be connected.

Compatible with the construction kit system
As a newly developed compact hoist unit, the E-balancer is compatible with the Demag construction kit system.For example, it can travel easily along the KBK light crane system rails of single-girder suspension cranes, pillar and wall-mounted slewing jibs and suspension monorail systems.For operation on I-section profiles, the E-balancer can be combined with Demag U-type push-travel trolleys and Click-fit CF trolleys.

Demag E-balancer: technical data

Load capacity





Max. lifting speed



Lifting height



Rope diameter



FEM group of mechanisms





Supply voltage

[V AC]

380 - 480





[V DC]





Hoist motor duty factor




Noise at a distance of 1m


< 79

Housing dimensions (W/L/H)


335 / 640 / 205




Temperature range


- 10 to + 40


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