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Further expanding presence in China with Demag process cranes

  • Cranes reliably ensure recycling of rapidly growing amounts of refuse
  • Bulk-handling cranes for maximum performance and availability, also under extreme conditions
  • Four projects with ten crane systems

In recent months, Terex Material Handling has received orders from China for a total of ten Demag process cranes to equip four refuse incineration plants. These crane systems feature different levels of automation and are to be used in refuse incineration plants in large urban areas. The process cranes will ensure that the furnaces are reliably fed with material for continuous incineration processes.

The customers include companies in the refuse incineration sector, such as Shanghai Environment, SanFeng Covanta and Beijing Chaoyang Circular Economy Industrial Park near Peking. “Our Asian customers continue to appreciate the performance of our crane systems. Our current order intake is another clear indicator that we can maintain and further expand our technological leadership for cranes and also for 24/7 automatic operation in this growth market”, explains Lutz Dowy, Vice President Global Product Management & Process Cranes at Terex Material Handling.

Smart crane systems accelerate refuse disposal in the metropolitan area 
All Demag process cranes for these orders are scheduled to enter service by the end of the third quarter of 2015. These include three Demag process cranes which will be operated at a refuse incineration plant at Beijing Chaoyang Circular Economy Industrial Park. The cranes have a span of 34.7 m and can be operated in manual or fully automated modes.

The grabs needed to pick up the material have a volume of 10 m³ and feature active integrated load-sway damping, which eliminates any pendulation motions that can result in damage to the grabs – caused by collisions with the walls of the bunker, for example.

An important feature of these crane systems is a scanner-guided height measurement function, which detects the height contours of the heaps of refuse as the cranes pass over them. The Demag crane control software uses this information to calculate the current fill level and the height profile in the refuse bunker. In this way the cranes are able to achieve faster operating speeds and, therefore, even higher handling rates.

A special feature of this project: one of the three cranes can be raised for maintenance purposes. In the course of this operation, the cranes change their positions and operation of the installation can continue without any interruption, even while maintenance work is being performed on one of the cranes.

Additional grabs for transporting slurry 
The disposal company Shanghai Environment has ordered two semi-automatic Demag process cranes that have a span of 32.5 m and a load capacity of 20 t for the refuse incineration plant at its location in Songjiang, which is a district of Shanghai. These cranes are equipped with grabs that have a capacity of 12 m³. Each of the cranes is also fitted with an auxiliary hoist unit, which is used for picking up and transporting slurry. Clamshell grabs that have a capacity of 2 m³ are used for transporting slurry and for feeding controlled amounts of slurry to the incineration lines.

In future, the SanFeng Convanta company, which also operates in the refuse incineration sector, will employ three semi-automatic bulk material handling cranes, which will also be supplied with MPW winch units, in NanNing, a town in the south of the People’s Republic of China. These 16 t crane systems have a span of 26.5 m and are equipped with motor-powered grabs that have a capacity of 10 m³.

Two further semi-automatic Demag double-girder process cranes will be used at a refuse incineration plant in Luzhou. Luzhou is a town in the south-east of the Chinese province Sichuan. It is located where the Yangtze and Tuo rivers meet.

“There are very high amounts of refuse in Chinese towns and cities due to the high population density. For this reason, we are particularly pleased that our technology also helps to feed the constantly increasing amounts of refuse for further recycling in the plants there,” Lutz Dowy continues. “In this way, Demag cranes also make an active contribution towards climate and environmental protection.”

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