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Demag DC-Com chain hoist: 100% longer service life, 50% higher duty factor

  • Improved FEM classification for longer service life
  • Simple installation and commissioning thanks to Plug & Lift connections
  • Reliable operation at higher ambient temperatures

Double the service life, increased duty factor and higher resistance to temperature are the improvements offered by the latest version of the tried-and-tested Demag DC-Com chain hoist range, which can be supplied in four sizes for loads weighing from 80 to 2,000 kg.

The enhancements of these successful chain hoists, which are used all over the world, have led to a new FEM classification. This has resulted in a doubling of their service life, since all five sizes are now classified in the next highest group of mechanisms according to FEM rule 9.511. At the same time, the duty factor has been increased by 50% for units as of size 2, i.e. for all types that have a load capacity of 160 kg and higher. These characteristics also apply to applications in higher ambient temperatures. There are no restrictions for the duty factor at temperatures up to 45 °C. Demag DC-Com chain hoists can also be used at ambient temperatures up to 60 °C, thus offering customers even more benefits.

The high quality of manufacture, rugged design and simple operation of DC-Com units remain unchanged. Fast installation and commissioning thanks to the plug and lift connections are still a characteristic of Demag DC chain hoists: all electric connections are of plug-and-socket design and the chain hoists can be simply attached to a trolley by their folding suspension brackets. Besides operation with the KBK crane construction kit, DC-Com units can also be used on I-beam girders. Manually operated U 11 to U 56 trolleys as well as electric E trolleys, which provide for smooth chain hoist starting and stopping travel motions, are available for these applications.

All sizes of DC-Com are fitted with an elapsed operating time counter and a diagnostics interface as standard. The low-wearing brake, which is arranged before the slipping clutch in the drive system and is automatically applied if the control system fails, provides for very safe operation of the chain hoist. The highly durable gearbox is built in-house and helps to minimise any service work, as it is maintenance-free for up to 10 years. The Demag cylindrical-rotor motor, which is equipped with a fan and a separate DC brake, was also developed for operation under arduous conditions.

The operator can adjust the length of the control cable to achieve the correct ergonomic position, which makes it easy to operate DC-Com units with DSC or DSC 10-C control pendants. The sizes for load capacities up to 1,000 kg are of single-fall design, which minimises abrasion of the chain.

DC-Pro chain hoists are available for users who have even higher requirements in terms of FEM classification and chain hoist performance. Besides the greater variety of types for load capacities up to 5 tonnes, they feature the next highest FEM classification and almost twice the lifting speed. The DCS-Pro variant, which is fitted with a variable-speed drive, offers convenient handling and highly precise positioning of loads.

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About Terex Corporation 
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