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Demag cranes for Gas Turbine Technologies

  • Process integration with state-of-the-art cranes
  • Integrated logistics concept from a single source
  • Focus on efficiency, availability, safety and reliability

Siemens Gas Turbine Technology will employ Demag cranes at its new location near St. Petersburg for the manufacture and service of gas turbines above 60 MW. The company has awarded the contract to Terex Material Handling for the delivery and installation of seven process cranes and four universal cranes, some of which are equipped for tandem operation. On a property measuring 25,000 m² in size, production facilities are being developed in which Demag crane installations will support all steps of the production, shipping and maintenance of gas turbines. The crane installations have to be installed and put into service within a challenging window of opportunity. State-of-the-art gas turbines will be produced for the growing market of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It is planned to finish construction of the new plant and start gas turbine production in the Leningrad Region close to St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city at the end of 2014.
Siemens is investing in its new production facility near St. Petersburg to expand its global manufacturing network for gas turbines and to be closer to customers. Dr Lars Brzoska, Vice President & Managing Director Terex Material Handling, explains: “The confidence placed in the Demag brand by our customer Siemens once more emphasises our leading position as a system supplier for the mechanical engineering sector all over the world. We are delighted that our products are able to play an important role at the operations level in the implementation of Siemens global business strategy in the energy sector.”
Lutz Dowy, Vice President Sales and Product Management: “Demag cranes and hoists have demonstrated their high quality and performance in Siemens plants for many years, such as in Görlitz, which is specialised in the production of industrial steam turbines. Our local presence in Russia and our manufacturing expertise give us the edge. Our customer Siemens benefits from reliable crane engineering, short delivery and installation times as well as support throughout the product lifecycle with rapid response times.”

System solution for industry-specific processes

The Demag crane installation will serve all parts of all assembly lines in the new local production facility. They will be responsible for handling heavy loads and ensure that the individual assembly stations are precisely served and that the components are positioned down to the last millimetre. Since they are equipped with two hoist units, the cranes will also be able to turn components safely, such as turbine housings. The crane installations will also ensure that the individual assembly stations are interlinked and will be used for staging completed gas turbines that are ready for shipping.

Designed to meet specific application requirements

The integrated logistics system consists of seven radio-controlled double-girder overhead travelling cranes and four wall-mounted travelling cranes, which are specially designed for the application and which travel on three crane levels. Five process cranes that have a span of 27 m and various load capacities operate on the top level. The largest crane, which is equipped with three hoist units that have load capacities of 250/150/16 t, is used for handling large components and to transport completed gas turbines. Two further crane installations operate on a second level and rapidly serve the workstations with material using their 25 t hoist units. Using an additional 5 t rope hoist, these cranes can also be used to support assembly work.
At the workstation level, three Demag EWKE wall-mounted travelling cranes that have an outreach of 10 m will be installed to move loads weighing up to 3.2 t. A fourth wall-mounted travelling crane will be of double-girder design with an outreach of 11 m and will be equipped with travelling hoists, that each have a load capacity of 5 t. Thanks to the wall-mounted travelling cranes that operate along the wall of the bay, Siemens Gas Turbine Technology will benefit from versatile cranes that can be used for assembly work and which offer a wide operating radius.
The scope of delivery also includes power supply lines measuring some 430 m in length, which will be installed for reliable power supply to the cranes.

Joint venture to address specific market demand

OOO Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies (SGTT) is а joint venture of Siemens AG (65%) and OJSC Power Machines (35%) and was founded in St. Petersburg on December 1st, 2011. SGTT was established on the basis of ООО Interturbo, which was a joint venture of the partners from 1991 to 2011 and assembled gas turbines under license from Siemens AG.
The new company is engaged in the development of gas turbines, localization of production in Russia, assembly, sales, management of projects and service of gas turbines in Russia and CIS countries.

About Terex Material Handling
Terex Corporation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of crane technology with Demag industrial cranes and crane components. The core competence of the Terex Material Handling business group lies in the development, design and production of technically sophisticated cranes, hoists and components and the provision of services for these products. The business group manufactures in 16 countries on five continents and is present in more than 60 countries, reaching customers in more than 100 countries.

About Terex Material Handling
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