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Demag crane system for unparalleled test facility in Europe

  • Intralogistics solution at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • Logistics concept on several operating levels
  • Radio control for convenient operation

Minimum approach dimensions, high precision and sufficient power reserves are the demands to be met in order to support the lifting and transport operations in a salt-water facility under the conditions found at sea. A Demag crane system meets these requirements and is used at an unparalleled test laboratory for research into future technologies.

New standards in robot research have been set in Bremen, where the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) has opened its maritime exploration bay. The heart of the test facility for submersible robots, the only one of its kind in Europe, is a salt-water basin that has a capacity of 3.4 million litres, in which scientists will develop systems to inspect ships and pipelines, explore uncharted waters or repair offshore installations. A further field of application is deep-sea exploration for natural resources and energy reserves.

The lifting and transport functions needed for smooth operation are provided by a Demag crane system in this test facility, which is the only one of its kind in Europe. Three cranes were installed on the basis of a strong logistics concept, which also resulted in an efficient solution serving three separate operating levels.

Travelling above the salt-water basin, which measures 23 x 19 m and 8 m in depth, a Demag universal crane is used to lower the research items and technical equipment into the water. Thanks to its load capacity of 12.5 t, the overhead travelling crane has sufficient reserve capacity and, by virtue of its compact design, it features minimum approach dimensions, enabling it to serve any part of the basin. Radio control allows the staff to operate the equipment from the best possible position and conveniently control the crane motions at a safe distance from the load.

Through an opening in the ground, the crane hook can also reach the floor level below to pick up waiting loads and transport them to the salt-water basin operating level. On the lower level, a system was installed consisting of components from the Demag KBK modular light crane system, which enables equipment to be handled above an immersion basin.

Demag KBK features a high level of flexibility, which enables installations to be implemented to meet specific customer needs on the basis of various system components. KBK installations can be integrated easily into any production infrastructure and, thanks to their modular design, can be modified at any time.
A pillar-mounted slewing jib crane installed next to the salt-water basin completes the materials handling equipment at DFKI in Bremen. This Demag crane, which is also radio-controlled, provides an ergonomic lifting function for ease of operation and a high level of safety and reliability.

With its maritime exploration bay, DFKI in Bremen has expanded its laboratory facility for the testing and further development of autonomous robot applications under the harsh conditions present in deep-sea environments.

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