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Cost-effective and durable: the new Demag single-girder overhead travelling crane

  • Available as a prepared crane set for short delivery times
  • Simple alignment, fast and easy assembly
  • Developed to meet the new requirements of DIN EN 13001

Fast installation, efficient operation and high load capacities: these are the requirements demanded by owners of overhead travelling cranes all over the world. In order to provide further possible improvements, in particular for assembly and installation, Terex Material Handling has developed a new range of Demag EPKE-O single-girder overhead travelling cranes.

Unlike the established EPKE range, the rolled I-beam girder of EPKE-O cranes is not positioned between the end carriages, but installed on top of the end carriages. This design principle with the crane bridge mounted on top of the end carriages offers significant benefits for the assembly and installation of crane sets. The survey and alignment of the crane girder before and while it is being bolted on top of the newly developed end carriages can be completed much more easily – allowing considerable savings in terms of time and money. The connecting plate, which was developed specially for this type of crane, requires only a simple bolted connection. Assembly fitters do not need any special tools or equipment for alignment, such as alignment reflectors. This advantage is due to a new crane end carriage, which has been specially developed from the Demag DFW for EPKE-O applications. The end carriage is made of a torsionally rigid box-section profile and features smooth running characteristics.

Standard equipment fitted on the new end carriages includes the proven Demag drive units consisting of a ZBL motor and DRS wheel blocks, as well as a comprehensive package of safety features, such as the derailment guard integrated on the end carriage as standard.

The new Demag EPKE-O range can be supplied both as a complete crane including a crane bridge as well as a crane set, which a crane manufacturer can use to add the pre-assembled components to a locally procured girder to create a complete crane. Thanks to the use of crane sets, the delivery time is cut and transport can be considerably simplified. At the same time, users benefit from fully configured and specified crane solutions with perfectly matching Demag components.

The span dimensions of the new EPKE-O overhead travelling crane range can be adjusted up to 17.8 m in line with customer requirements. The matching load capacities of the compact DR-Com rope hoist range cover preferred loads weighing up to 3.2 t, 5 t and 10 t. The entire DR-Pro rope hoist range is available for intermediate load capacities and to utilise the maximum EPKE-O load capacity of 12.5 t.

For the controls, the user can choose between a smart processor control system with a high level of installation transparency or a conventional contactor control system. Various systems are available as control units – a choice of two ranges of control pendants and radio control systems. Terex Material Handling has now rounded off its range of Demag single-girder overhead travelling cranes and can provide crane users with a simple and efficient solution that can be easily installed both in existing as well as in newly built structures according to Eurocode 3. At the same time, EPKE-O is a safe investment in the future, as the range already meets the requirements of the new DIN EN 13001 design standard, which replaces the previous range of DIN 15018 to 15020 standards.

Demag crane sets: the crane from the modular construction kit

Terex Material Handling offers independent crane builders and end users the opportunity to build a “crane from the construction kit” with its Demag crane sets. The crane can be specified in the conventional way as an engineered single or double-girder overhead travelling crane with single or double travelling hoists or as a suspension crane – including the hoist unit, control system, operating elements and safety equipment. All components, except for the crane bridge, are tested, pre-assembled and delivered ready to the customer, who completes the steel superstructure on site. This method saves transport expenses, time and money – and the user has the certainty of receiving a crane that is equipped with the proven Demag quality components that he has come to expect.

EPKE-O overhead travelling crane

The new EPKE-O single-girder overhead travelling crane is based on the range of EPKE Universal Cranes, which are the entry-level value models in the Demag crane product range. The EPKE range provides cost-effective solutions for lifting and transporting loads weighing up to 12.5 t for smaller span dimensions up to 17.8 m. Made of rolled steel profile sections, the crane girder can be built much more cost-effectively and delivered faster than a welded box-section girder. The crane components, such as the rope and chain hoists, end carriages and drive units are all from our own production and offer a high level of safe and reliable operation.

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