Patented connection system

DCL-Pro compact conductor line

Safe and reliable power supply

Our DCL-Pro compact conductor line sets new standards for power supply arrangements for mobile equipment. It features innovative technology all along the line. The highly rugged enclosure profile has a low deadweight and its flexible configuration provides for a wide performance range.

The current collector system has been developed with absolute reliability in mind to ensure safe and reliable operation over a long service life. The patented connection arrangement with prepared modules makes installation much easier – and cuts the time required for assembly.

  • High profile section rigidity with a low deadweight
  • Long service life thanks to optimised current collector trolley design
  • Up to 200 A in continuous operation
  • Fast installation thanks to pre-assembled connection system
  • Compatible with DCL predecessor model

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Depending on requirements, our power supply lines and conductors can be supplied in various designs with different numbers of poles.

Product information

The benefits at a glance

Reliable performance

  • Up to seven conductors to supply power and control signals
  • Up to 200 A in continuous operation
  • High profile section rigidity with a low deadweight
  • Long service life thanks to optimised current collector trolley design
  • Power infeed both at the ends or in the middle of the conductor line

High safety and reliability

  • Protected power cables integrated in the current collector trolley
  • Narrow profile slot largely eliminates accidental contact with the interior conductor rails
  • Sealing lip for effective protection against dust and moisture with IP 24 enclosure (optional)
  • Expansion compensation at each joint
  • Fire protection to UL94/VO

Convenient assembly and maintenance

  • Fast installation thanks to pre-assembled connection system
  • Fast and simple replacement of straight sections
  • System can be inspected at each joint
  • Precise attachment to C-section rails or by means of threaded pins
  • Existing installations can be easily extended, since the system is compatible with its DCL forerunner


Track routing to meet specific needs

Whether for straight or curved tracks or circuits, DCL-Pro offers the flexibility required to create track layouts that match the exact requirements of your installations. Straight profile sections as well as various curved sections with differing radii are available to meet these needs:

  • Straight track sections:  Standard lengths of 4,000 mm, can be modified during assembly, if required
  • Curved sections: for implementing L-shaped, U-shaped and S-shaped track layouts as well as for circuits:  available for angles ranging from 15° to 360°
  • Minimum radius of 800 mm

Universal power infeed

DCL-Pro is designed for ease of assembly and can be simply modified to meet local site requirements. The powerfeed can be installed anywhere along the line or at the ends of the track. The cables are also quickly connected.

  • Powerfeed end cap:  Powerfeed at the end of the track direct via the connector cap
  • Centre powerfeed section: can be installed at any point along a straight track
  • Small curve and centre powerfeed. Special power supply arrangement for curved tracks; alternative centre powerfeed for small sizes (10 and 15 mm²)
  • Entry and ramp section:  Reliable power supply arrangement for mechanically and electrically isolated track segments

Simple and reliable attachment

Whatever the design of your support superstructure might be – DCL-Pro connectors make the system much easier to install and ensure that it is securely held in place.

  • Precise alignment of the profile sections thanks to sliding suspensions with retaining bolts
  • Two variants are available to attach the system to a superstructure:
  • C-rail for fine adjustment in two axes
  • Threaded pins for vertical alignment

Rails designed to match specific needs

Silver-graphite contacts

The use of silver-graphite contacts is recommended for improved contact reliability for control signal transfer, particularly with low voltages (24 – 28 V, IN = 1A).

Technical data

Enclosure profile and conductors
Enclosure material PVC
Standard length [mm] 4,000
Number of conductors/poles  7
Max. suspension distance [mm] 2,000
Max. voltage [VAC1) 24 to 690
Size 10   15   25    38    56   70
Max. permissible current  at 100% CDF  [A] 2) 65, 80, 100, 130, 175, 200
Ambient temperature to DIN  [°C] -30 to +70
Type of enclosure IP 23 / IP 24 3)
Fire protection to UL94/VO spec.
Min. curve radius [mm] 800

1) DC on request
2) to 35 °C
3) with profile seal

Current collector trolley
Number of poles: power 4
Max. number of poles: control signals 3
Max. rated current at 80 % CDF [A]

40 (Bz) 4) / 20 (Gr) 5)

40 (Bz)  / 20 (SiGr) 6)

Max. connection cross-section

Power [mm2]
Control cable [mm2]



Standard cable length [mm] 2,000
Max. fusing  [A] 100
Max. travel speed [m/min] 200

4) with bronze sliding contact 
 with graphite sliding contact for arduous operating conditions 
 with bronze (power conductors) and silver-graphite contact (control-signal conductors)
for high currents and control signal transfer free of interference