Low weight, long service life 

Rosen Group

Demag V-type crane impresses ROSEN Group

Low deadweight, high precision, long service life: for the development of its flow meter systems, the ROSEN Group, which operates all over the world, relies on the new Demag V-type crane from Terex Material Handling. As a positive side effect, the crane adds a special shine to the showroom, which is used for customer presentations.

Carsten Heinks, R&D Project Manager at the ROSEN Group, reflects on the search for a suitable single-girder crane for the new building: “The new crane had to meet a whole range of different requirements”. For that reason, the launch of the new Demag V-type crane came at exactly the right time for the ROSEN Group. The technical design and also the appearance of the crane were a complete success.

The ROSEN Group develops its flow meters at its facility in Lingen (Ems) in Lower Saxony, Germany. ROSEN EMAT flow meters determine the components of a given medium in tube systems and what share they have of the overall quantity – such as water, oil and gases for oil production.

Low weight, long service life 

State-of-the-art technology was needed to move the test rigs and measuring equipment in the building. The ROSEN Group was impressed by the technical benefits offered by the Demag V-type crane:

  • average deadweight 17 per cent lower than comparable cranes with box-section girders
  • oscillation characteristics cut by up to 30 per cent thanks to tapered diaphragm joints at load nodes as well as the overall design of the girder
  • long service life with more than 500,000 changes of load
  • frequency inverter-fed cross-travel and hoist unit drives: “Our staff particularly like the smooth start-up characteristics of the Demag V-type crane”, reports Carsten Heinks, ROSEN Group.

Innovative Demag V-type crane design 

The innovative design of the Demag V-type crane was also a decisive factor for ROSEN. It follows a bionic principle: in a similar way to bone structure, the design only utilises material where it is necessary. “Since we also use the workshop as a showroom for presentations to customers, we want to demonstrate that we work with state-of-the-art engineering”, explains Carsten Heinks.

The design of the Demag V-type crane, which has already won two design awards, also improves the working conditions. “Our workers feel more comfortable in the workshop, since the crane allows a lot of light to pass through and only casts a small shadow”, Heinks states.

Type 6 available as a standard option 

For the ROSEN Group, the Demag V-type crane was built for the first time as a type 6. For this variant, the side connection of the crane girder can be freely selected at any point between its upper and lower edges with relation to the crane runway. “We needed this design for the largest possible lifting height, which can be adapted to match the shape of the building”, explains Carsten Heinks.

Using standardised components, Terex Material Handling designed, specified and built the almost 23 metre-long Demag V-type crane to meet the ROSEN Group’s individual needs. Type 6 is now also available as a standard option for the Demag V-type crane.