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Wood and wood products

Wood materials

Wood as a material plays a key role in our lives. It offers a wide variety of creative possibilities – and the tailored solutions with which we support the wood-processing industry are just as diverse. We offer cranes and hoists for all needs of the timber sector.

Fields of application

  • Sawmill industry
  • Wood and prefabricated construction
  • Furniture industry
  • Woodworking trade

Sawmill industry

Demag products can already be found in operation at cutting workplaces in the sawmill industry. Our drives keep things moving to transport long material to the saws, where the material is precisely positioned. Our cranes are also used by the sawmill industry for handling cut timber – for storage and shipping operations.

Wood and prefabricated construction

Our suspension cranes provide essential support in the business processes of wood and prefabricated building suppliers, from the pre-production of individual wooden elements to complete prefabricated houses. They are used for the intermediate storage of the basic panels, transport them to the CNC machine and then load the prefabricated elements. As overhead transport equipment, they do not utilise any valuable floor space.

Furniture industry

Our cranes and hoists are also used for the production of furniture – for example, to store profile sections and other raw material and to transport them to the machinery. Our compact hoist units also enable wooden panels and large furniture elements to be handled with ease.

Woodworking trade

Small and medium size workshops need ergonomic solutions that can also be installed in space-saving arrangements – such as our compact hoist units and our KBK light crane system. They can be used to move loads overhead without any limitation.

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