Press release

Magneto-inductive test – looking into the core of wire ropes

  • New inspection offered by Demag Service
  • Non-destructive test of wire rope safety

Demag Service has extended its range of service products to include inductive rope tests. This provides owners of crane installations and stationary hoist units with a further service for improved safety and installation availability.

The wire ropes of winch units and rope hoists are subjected to punishing loads in harsh industrial applications. Individual wire rope strands move in three dimensions in relation to each other during every lifting operation. This involves strong forces that can result in wear in the form of abrasion and, consequently, broken strands.

For this reason, it is essential for owners also to have the condition of the ropes checked when regular service inspections are carried out and preventive maintenance work is performed on hoists. In particular, this applies to the internal strands, since wear often begins on the inside of high-strength load-bearing ropes.

Demag Service has now added inductive rope inspections to its range of service products to meet this requirement. A specially developed testing device, which works by measuring magneto-inductive flux leakage, is used to check that all strands are working correctly – including those that cannot be seen – and to check the rope core as part of a non-destructive test. The rope reeving components and other parts that can affect the service life of the rope are subjected to a thorough visual inspection.

As the result of this test and inspection, the owner receives a clearly understandable report on the condition of the relevant wire ropes with meaningful diagrams and recommendations. This enables an owner to ensure that crane installations and rope hoists are still safe to use – also for the benefit his employees. In this way, he can avoid risks and, at the same time, has the opportunity to optimise rope replacement intervals in the interest of preventive maintenance.

This new service is suitable for process cranes that are in continuous duty as well as for cranes that are only used sporadically. Sascha Oppenhäuser, Demag Service Manager for the South of Germany explains: “With our simple and meaningful test service, we can offer owners even more safety and reliability for operation of their cranes and hoists.”