DVR rope hoist

Compact. Versatile. High performance.

Versatile – this is the Demag DVR rope hoist

It offers high levels of efficiency and productivity. You benefit from its flexibility in all areas of application. Thanks to its extensive product portfolio, the DVR offers customisable solutions for the various requirements of crane and lifting technology. From the standard version to the smart high-end solution with intelligent safety functions, the DVR rope hoist meets the demands for economical and ergonomic lifting solutions.


The choice is yours

  • Five sizes with load capacities of up to 80 tonnes
  • Different application types: Foot-mounted hoist, low-headroom monorail hoist, double-rail crab and standard-headroom monorail hoist (with/without articulated trolley)
  • Control system: conventional contactor control or provided by the customer
  • Variable-speed or two-stage drive solutions
  • Control concept exactly as required: cable-connected or radio control
  • Wide range of options available
  • Additional smart features can be integrated for safe and convenient load handling
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Product information

The benefits at a glance

High variability thanks to modular design


  • Modular design for rope hoist configuration to meet your individual needs
  • Broad range of applications with one basic technology
  • More sizes with higher load capacities
Planning and application flexibility


  • Application types: foot-mounted hoist, low-headroom monorail hoist, double-rail crab, standard-headroom monorail hoist
  • Smart interfaces for many freely selectable fittings and accessories
  • Contactor control or control system provided by the customer
  • Digital components for additional safety functions
Other benefits


  • Reliable mechanical components
  • Choice of smart features for more convenience and improved safety
  • Remote diagnostics in real time with the Demag StatusControl app


Four models


F-DVR foot-mounted hoist

  • For stationary applications or for special trolleys
  • Can be used in four mounting positions, each with one lead-off direction
  • Load capacity: up to 80 tonnes
42673_500px_F-DVR Fußzug

EU-DVR standard-headroom monorail hoist

  • For use on monorails
  • EUD-DVR for rails with radius
  • Load capacity: up to 40 tonnes

EK-DVR low-headroom monorail hoist with optimised headroom

  • For crane applications with compact dimensions and reduced approach dimensions
  • Lift-off and derailment protection
  • Two driven wheels
  • Load capacity: up to 12.5 tonnes
42671_500px_EK-DVR Einschienenkatze

EZ-DVR double-rail crab

  • Narrow gauge track (from 900 mm)
  • Uniform distribution of wheel loads
  • Versatile designs (low, medium, high connection)
  • Two drive units (no open gears)
  • Service platform available as an option
  • Load capacity: up to 80 tonnes
  • Two hoists on one trolley available as an option

Technical perfection down to the last detail


As with all Demag products, the DVR rope hoist focuses on the needs of our customers. The desire for flexibility and productivity is anchored in the DVR, as is the desire for reliability and cost-effectiveness. As a result, the versatile rope hoist concept impresses down to the last technical detail.


Five sizes


DVR 5 sizes

Rope drum and guide

Rope drum

The basic DVR design includes a large diameter rope drum. The benefits are: High positioning accuracy and low rope wear thanks to appropriately dimensioned guide rollers. In addition, the approach dimensions are very small.
The rope drum is manufactured in-house with high precision. Since only one jig arrangement is used for all production steps, its connection points are reproducibly positioned.

Rope guide

The rope guide is made entirely of metal and guides the rope reliably and precisely with very little wear.
For the larger sizes 10 (optional) and 20-40, rope guides that use the full circumference are installed as standard.
The rope can be pulled diagonally by up to four degrees without touching the rope guide. The ropes are galvanised as standard.

Hoist motor and brake

Powerful and precise

The DVR rope hoist is driven by a two-stage cylindrical motor for precise lifting and lowering. It has a motor output of up to 35 kilowatts.
Standard IP 55 classification, optionally also IP 66. All motor cables have plug-in connections for simple Plug & Play. The disc brake has a high braking torque and is designed for a service life of one million switching cycles.


Up to 100% more speed

  • The ProHubASR and ProHubESR motor variants ensure even higher lifting speeds for handling processes. This shortens process times thanks to faster load handling
  • Thanks to load-dependent speeds, ProHubASR with the A-motor offers up to 50% higher speeds with inverter-controlled speed monitoring. Maximum power with up to 100% higher speed is achieved with ProHubESR with an encoder-monitored S-motor.

Travel motor

  • Compact drive unit with two-stage speeds and low deadweight.
  • Standard temperature monitoring and lubricated for life.
  • High traction thanks to two-wheel drive.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Quadro drive optionally available for EZ-DVR.


  • Weight-optimised and robust
  • The compact design provides reduced deadweight. The DVR hoist housing weighs significantly less for each size than in comparable ranges.

Bottom block

Safe and gentle

  • HBC hook with recessed grip and finger guard as standard for all sizes up to DVR 10 4/1. DIN hooks are optional and available as standard for the larger sizes (DVR 20 and 40). The bottom blocks allow full 360-degree hook rotation.
  • A lockable hook and a version with insulation are available as options.



  • When it comes to operation, we also offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility and individual freedom of choice between two control concepts.
  • Wire-connected and ergonomic
  • For control from the ground, you can choose between the DSB pendant controller or the optional extremely robust DST with up to nine control elements.

Radio control: high performance

The powerful DRC D3 radio control system permits maximum freedom of movement and ease of control. The new generation of radio transmitters can be used for up to five days of uninterrupted operation. Three transmitters can be paired with each receiver for simple transfer of control at the press of a button. Up to 40 systems from our D3 generation of radio controls can be operated in close proximity to each other without any mutual interference. High safety standards are satisfied by frequency hopping and listen-before-talk operation.


Precisely tailored to the application

A variety of options are available to equip the DVR rope hoist to meet your application needs. The DVR offers variable-speed drive solutions for lifting and travel motions by using different levels of technology. The advantages of the inverters are obvious:

  • Variable speeds: 1:10, 1:25, ESR 1:37
  • Less wear: Smooth travel start-up and lifting reduces the load on the crane system
  • Longer motor/brake service life
  • Significant energy savings of up to 50%

Load-dependent lifting speed for higher productivity:

  • High speed without load (up to 100%)
  • Medium speed with partial load
  • Precise speed at full load



Compact unit for overload protection and status display for increased safety and predictive maintenance.

  • Overload protection for individual hoists
  • Simple condition monitoring
  • Number of switching operations
  • Operating time
  • Number of braking operations
  • Number of control actuations
  • On-time
  • Temperature index
  • Number of operations with overload
  • Can be used for SWP calculation



Convenient monitoring unit with CAN bus functions for improved safety, extended brake service life and optimised maintenance intervals. Identifies training needs for operators.

  • Overload protection
  • Monitoring for sudden load increase
  • Temperature monitoring of motors
  • SWP elapsed operating time counter
  • Monitoring of motor function
  • Motor start/stop by slow speed
  • Multi-hoisting tandem (up to five units)
  • Design limits (warnings)
  • Optional remote monitoring modem
  • Smart features
  • CAN bus functionalities

Further options for needs-based configuration

  • Second hoist brake for DVR 3, 5, 10
  • Drum brake for DVR 20 and 40
  • Halogen- or silicone-free cables and/or wires
  • Heating or cooling device for bridge housing
  • Crane lighting
  • Horn
  • Load display
  • Service platform
  • Stainless steel switchgear cabinets
  • Rain cover
  • Explosion-proof design (DXR)


An optional rain cover ensures the crane can operate outdoors.

42733_2_500px DVR

Smart Features


Anti-sway control
Prevents increased load sway by active counter-motions of the crane. Active system based on rope angle measurement to detect and dampen any existing load sway.


Slack-rope prevention
Continuous monitoring of the rope tension: The hoist drive automatically switches off when the load has been lowered to its target position or if the hook is accidentally snagged. Reduces the risk of damage to the load, crane and surrounding area.


Area-specific load reduction
Areas can be defined which the travelling hoist may only enter if the load does not exceed a reference value. This reduces the load on the runway and building structure – especially when several cranes operate on one runway.


Bypass control
Areas to be blocked for the travelling hoist can be specified. In this way, you can safely by-pass high parts of machinery or zones that are out of bounds.


Tandem control
Loads can be safely transported by two DVR rope hoists – via a single control unit.

With DMC Demag Modular Control  



Follow me
Makes lifting operations much faster because the crane can be moved above the load by simply guiding the hook by hand. (Recommended for cranes up to 10 t).


Hook Centering
Makes lifting operations much faster because the crane can be moved Positions the crane hook automatically directly over the load. The benefits: faster load cycle times and ease of operation.


Smart Tandem control
Two cranes with up to four rope hoists can also be synchronized.