Demag DH. The hoist unit.

More than lifting

Demag DH. The hoist unit: Beyond classic crane applications

Demag DH hoist units can be used in a wide variety of applications, both as travelling hoists on cranes or monorails and as stationary solutions. These powerful hoist units offer a number of special technical features that enable loads to be handled reliably even under demanding requirements.  More than lifting: Installed as stationary or travelling units, they are more than just hoists – thanks to gentle handling with high load capacities up to 100 tons and flexible integration into almost any design.

Built tough

DH hoists are robust to ensure reliable operation even in the toughest environments. Demag hoist units are designed for demanding applications such as foundries or electroplating plants with high ambient temperatures, high dust levels and aggressive environments. They can also withstand the adverse conditions typically encountered by rope hoists.


Their modular concept and flexible mounting arrangements enable DH hoist units to be integrated into almost any structure with ease. Their many variants and options facilitate an almost unlimited range of applications. For example, you can find these hoists in lifting stations, winch arrangements and architectural applications – sometimes it takes a closer look to even discover them.

DH: Your benefits

  • Rugged design – proven worldwide
  • Easy integration into any design
  • High switching frequencies and high duty cycles
  • Precise positioning with mechanical microspeed or frequency-controlled lifting
  • Load capacity up to 100 t
  • Hook path up to 104 m

Universal. Safe. Rugged.

Demag DH hoist units are based on perfectly matched and robustly designed components. This means that they offer optimum conditions for individual solutions, even for unusual applications. Demag DH hoist units are in operation all over the world and offer outstanding safety and reliability.

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Product information

Technical features

DH hoist units in automotive production for e-mobility
  • High number of starts/stops and high duty factor thanks to mechanical microspeed and conical-rotor brake motors, also for high ambient temperatures
  • Highly precise positioning with 1:10 mechanical microspeed
  • NEW: Frequency-controlled lifting as standardised option
  • Rope drums available with multi-groove designs
  • Safe and reliable monitoring of the limit positions by geared limit switch
  • Simple integration into almost any design
  • Torsionally rigid frame, for bolted connection on all sides
  • Rope lead-off possible in any direction
  • Rope reeving according to customer requirements
  • Wide range of lifting speeds
  • Optionally with or without electric equipment
  • Wide range of industry solutions available
Stationary or mobile? Everything is possible.
  • Travel wheels made of high-strength spheroidal-graphite cast-iron
  • Particularly gentle on the track, quiet running thanks to effective vibration damping
  • Lower friction and high wear resistance due to self-lubrication effect of embedded nodular graphite
  • Optimum load distribution thanks to special travel wheel shape, which transmits wheel contact forces close to the centre of the girder
  • Generously dimensioned anti-friction bearings with long service life

4 Models

Direct connection of Demag F-DH hoist units

  • Square frame design can be mounted on any side.
  • Load capacity: up to 100 t.

EK-DH low-headroom monorail hoist

  • Trolley with favourable C-dimension.
  • Also available as an articulated trolley.
  • Load capacity: up to 16 t

EU-DH standard-headroom monorail hoist

  • Cost-effective solution for monorails with infinitely variable flange width adjustment.
  • Also as EUD-DH articulated trolley.
  • Load capacity: up to 16 t (optionally also up to 50 t).

EZ-DH double-rail crab

  • For higher load capacities on double-girder cranes; optimum use of space thanks to low-headroom design and favourable approach dimensions.
  • Load capacity: up to 100 t.

Drive concept

Customised motions

Precise. Rugged. High performance. For our DH hoist range, we offer three different drive concepts that have proven themselves in a wide range of applications. Based on reliable series components, lifting solutions can be specifically configured for any requirement.
With the “Made in Germany” seal of quality.

Drive with main lifting and creep lifting speeds
Our conical-rotor brake motors with outputs of up to 40 kW are used as starting/stopping drives. The pole-changing motors have two speeds and work reliably even with extremely high switching frequencies. The mechanical connection between the conical brake and rotor creates a unique braking principle with high braking capacity. This makes these motors superior wherever the highest demands are placed on the brake. Separate control and additional switching elements are not required. The sliding-rotor motors are equipped with motor temperature monitoring as standard.

Drive for infinitely variable lifting speeds

The combination of our ZBA cylindrical-rotor brake motors with Dedrive Compact frequency inverters creates powerful lifting units with infinitely variable speeds. And they offer impressive performance:

  • High drive efficiency with motor outputs of up to 40 kW
  • Infinitely variable lifting speeds with inverter-controlled brake motor
  • With external pulse generators for speed feedback to the frequency inverter
  • Motor brake with adjustment monitoring and brake release monitoring
  • Motor temperature monitoring as standard
  • Also ready for customer drives and control solutions

Main and creep lifting speeds with F6 pole-changing

  • Proven Demag drive technology with Demag KBH squirrel-cage motors
  • Reliable and efficient in starting/stopping applications – also with high duty factor

Main and creep lifting speeds with F10 mechanical microspeed unit

  • Demag KBH and KBA squirrel-cage motors
  • Separate motors for main and creep lifting motions
  • Particularly precise positioning
  • High braking capacity and reliable braking without any control devices when switching off or in the event of a power failure

Demag rope guides

Protection against extreme loads, precisely guided

Rope guides protect Demag DH hoist units against extreme loads caused by inclined pull, load sway and rope vibrations. Made of tough, wear-resistant plastic, our rope guides can accommodate inclined pull of up to 4° without any contact. Two-part units, easily replaceable without special tools. Reinforced rope guides are available for special loads.

Standard PA 12 Rope guide

  • Wear-resistant made of acid-resistant PA12 plastic
  • Slack rope protection thanks to enclosed design and pressure roller

Rope guide type F

  • Frost-resistant and reinforced
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Rope guide type S
Heavy, double reinforced for medium inclined tensile loads, also at low temperatures.


Double rope guide type DSZ
For heavy-duty hoist units with double-groove drum, especially in heavy-duty operating conditions with magnet or grab operation. Reduced sway.


Rope reeving arrangements

The right variant for every application