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Demag safety control system for transfer carriages and cranes

  • Developed specifically for industrial drives and cranes
  • Also for several motion axes
  • Installed in a switchgear cabinet or as a safety kit with drives and sensors
  • Comprehensive application library with safety functions certified by TÜV

Demag is using the LogiMAT to present its latest generation of safety control systems. Demag SCU offers a wide variety of safety applications and is suitable for a broad range of industrial drive, crane and hoist applications.

The new Demag SCU safety control system, which Demag is presenting at LogiMAT 2018, can be used to safely control travel and lifting motions as required by relevant standards. The control system has been specially developed for use in industrial drives, cranes and hoist units. It is available as a single and multiple-motion axis control system and both versions can each be supplied in two basic designs: as an application module installed in a switchgear cabinet and as a complete safety kit with drives, frequency inverters, rotary encoders and an application program.

The modular control systems provide safety-relevant monitoring of drive axis motions up to PL e according to EN ISO 13849, and SIL 3 according to EN 61508. All relevant drive parameters such as speeds, directions of rotation, emergency stop and increments can be monitored with redundancy and according to the requirements of the Machinery Directive for safety functions. In addition, Demag SCU can also be used to implement safe position measurement and monitoring in up to three dimensions.

Demag SCU has been optimised for travel and lifting applications and adapted to meet the demands posed by the often arduous operating conditions found in material flow solutions. Customers can choose from a variety of application modules up to Category 3 Performance Level d. Application-specific parameters can be conveniently adapted to meet individual requirements using the SafePMT parameter-programming software. For travel and hoist drives, this covers functions such as safely reduced speed, overspeed, emergency stop in stop category 0 or 1, simultaneous motion monitoring, braking ramp monitoring and the evaluation of signals from bumpers and scanners as well as electronic limiters. For hoist drives, the range of application modules also includes the monitoring of load capacity-related parameters such as the load and summated load.

With its Demag SCU, Demag has extended its comprehensive modular range of components and systems for industrial drives, cranes and hoists to include a state-of-the-art generation of controls that can be adapted to the needs of virtually any material flow application and which also meets very high safety level requirements.

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