New technology for your plant and equipment. A worthwhile investment.

We offer solutions to make your cranes safer, efficient and reliable that adds value.

You can utilise new technical features and replace obsolete components, adapt your plant and equipment to meet changing requirements or incorporate additional functions.

We offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements, up to and including the turn-key modernisation of your cranes.

Industrial cranes modernisation and refurbishment

Upgrades for greater efficiency - a perfect fit for any brand.

Your existing cranes and components were designed as per original requirements and applicable standards of time. However, carnes like other products inevitably also age: requirements may change over the operating period and new technical solutions offer improved safety and reliability. Demag modernisation services ensure your cranes meet the required effeciency standards even after a number of years.

Manufacturing expertise and experience

Manufacturing expertise and experience

As a manufacturer and market leader, we have many years of experience in the modernisation and refurbishment of cranes and extensive design expertise. You can rely on Demag modernisation to meet your needs. In addition, our extensive service network enables us to support you with help and advice provided by local contact partners throughout the entire process, with support from one of our global centers of excellence.

Further benefits

  • Improved capacity and handling rates
  • Modification to new application requirements
  • Long-term operating reliability
  • Improved safety
  • Reliable spare parts supply

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