Solutions for hazardous areas


Chemical industry

Demag Cranes and components help to ensure that processes continue to run smoothly and reliably in the chemical industry – for example in the storage, production and handling of products. With technology tailored to meet specific needs, we provide for efficient in-house logistics.

Fields of application

  • Production of chemical products
  • Solutions for explosion-hazard areas

Production of chemical products

For the production of chemical products, raw materials such as granulate and chemical primary products are temporarily stored and transported within manufacturing facilities (e.g. in big bags). Demag overhead travelling, suspension and slewing jib cranes perform these tasks precisely and reliably.

Also for the handling of barrels and boxes, we equip storage areas and workplaces with cranes that can be integrated into the given environment and require only a minimum of space. And not least, Demag motors keep processes on the move as drives for materials handling solutions or to ensure that the right quantities of substances are employed.

Solutions for explosion-hazard areas

Our joint venture MHE-Demag has been involved in the design and construction of highly successful explosion-proof lifting solutions for many years. In addition to supplying individual crane components, it also implements complete crane installations – always on the basis of our proven Demag FDR foot-mounted hoist unit. As a qualified and authorised supplier and partner, MHE-Demag has all necessary ATEX certification.

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