Intuitive control. Precise positioning.

Demag DCBS chain hoist

Safe and ergonomic material handling

Using our Demag DCBS chain hoist with its balancer function, you can lift and position loads weighing up to 250 kg easily and completely intuitively. The key feature is its balancer function, which provides a completely new level of ease when handling materials and improves workplace ergonomics even further. Benefit from intuitive load positioning with direct fingertip control. The innovative solution for your load handling needs.

Demag DCBS chain hoist

Based on our DC range, DCBS chain hoists include a balancer function that allows loads to be guided and precisely positioned with ease. Our DCBS units are available in two sizes with load capacities up to 250 kg.

Control: conventional via the control handle or innovative and direct on the load?

With the D-Grip Servo control pendant, you can control your load very conveniently with only one hand. It is your conventional way to control the DCBS chain hoist. 

You can't control the load more directly

You can press a button on the D-Grip Servo to activate assembly mode and experience a completely different method of load handling: If you only need to use your fingertips to lift, lower or move a load weighing up to 250 kg, you can discover how essential our DCBS unit is for ergonomic workplace design.

Thanks to its integrated sensor system, the DCBS chain hoist can automatically pre-tension and raise the attached load in load pick-up mode. In assembly mode, the balancer can support the operator by compensating any movements and avoid sudden load lifting and lowering motions. The load can be gently positioned under fingertip control.

Safe. By Demag.

Besides its ergonomic benefits, our DCBS offers all the advantages of our DC chain hoist range and its safety-related functions satisfy at least Performance Level c and Category 2 to EN ISO 13849-1.


Features of our Demag DCBS chain hoist

Grip control
  • The load can be controlled very easily with the D-Grip Servo control handle.
Load control
  • By switching over to “load control mode”, the operator can grasp and guide the load directly with light pressure.
Load pick-up mode
  • Load handling attachments can be lifted and pre-tensioned.
  • Load can be removed without dropping or sudden upward pull.
  • Protection for jigs and machinery. The balancer only lifts until a pre-defined force is reached.

Demag DC chain hoist range

With our Demag DC chain hoist range, we meet our own high standards in terms of quality and innovation. Demag chain hoists combine innovative ideas with maximum safety and reliability. We provide you with consistently high quality in all components.

Quality for greater efficiency

The components used in our DC chain hoists are designed to ensure consistent availability. The gearbox, brake and slipping clutch are maintenance-free for up to 10 years. The gearbox is rated so generously that it can offer 20% more operating hours for a given FEM classification: that is our Demag “+” for the FEM classification.

Certified lifting technology

You can rely on our chain hoists to handle your load. As a standard feature, Demag DC chain hoists have a slipping clutch with automatic cut-off by a speed-monitoring function to prevent the load from creeping or slipping. Together with their standard operating limit switches and 24-V contactor control system, our DC units can protect your load in any application.

Thanks to robust and proven electronic control, DC electric chain hoists offer improved safety compared to conventional controls. Demag electric chain hoists satisfy at least Performance Level c and Category 2 to EN ISO 13849-1 for the safety-related functions specified in DIN EN 14492-2.


DCBS functions

Intuitive load control

The integrated sensor system used in the D-Grip Servo utilises a tare function to determine the weight of each load attached to the hook as a reference value. The sensor system is so sensitive that the minimum force exerted by your fingertips is enough to put the load into motion.

Direct load control enables you to handle and position loads more efficiently and precisely. You can fully concentrate on the task and intuitively position the load.


The load pick-up mode enables the DCBS chain hoist to pick up the load autonomously and sets it in a state of suspension.


Load pick-up mode

The operator can be supported in picking up the load in load pick-up mode. The balancer is pre-set to lift the load up to a pre-defined force. The parameters can be reprogrammed at any time. The balancer pre-tensions and raises the load handling attachment. The load can be removed without dropping or sudden upward pull.

This setting can protect your equipment and machinery as the load is not lifted beyond the point where it is needed and the chain hoist can automatically switch off in an emergency.

Precise load positioning

The operator can manipulate the load direct for even more precise load positioning. You can push the load for direct control and position it much more efficiently by hand and eye. You can avoid the need to hold the controller in one hand and the load with your other hand to position and often correct the load.
The new, intuitive control system enables not only inexperienced crane operators to position a load with ease.

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Ergonomic material handling

Thanks to direct load control, the Demag DCBS chain hoist allows the operator to move loads easily with a natural posture.  
The minimum force requirement – exerted by hand direct on the load – allows the operator to focus on the transport process and minimises any distractions when handling the load. Besides ergonomic improvements, this also improves workplace safety.

External load sensor

The sensor system used in the D-Grip Servo can be transferred and integrated in an external load sensor direct in the load-bearing arrangement. The position of the D-Grip Servo control handle can be freely selected and various load handling attachments can be integrated. This provides you with a further option to handle bulky loads precisely, safely and intuitively, for example.

External load sensor

Your benefits at a glance

DCBS core functions
  • Lifting and lowering by manual force on the controller
  • Manipulating loads
  • Protection against slack chain
  • Protection against snatching loads
  • Movements can be stopped if loads fluctuate widely
  • Monitoring/reducing load capacity
Safe. By Demag.
  • Low-wear brake thanks to regenerative braking
  • No need to adjust the brake
  • Brake arranged before slipping clutch in the drive arrangement (no load slipping)
  • Automatic braking if a malfunction occurs
  • Slipping clutch with automatic cut-out by means of speed monitoring (no continuous slipping)
  • Gearbox, slipping clutch and brake maintenance-free for up to 10 years
  • Safety-related functions satisfy at least Performance Level c and Category 2 to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Operating limit switches (upper/lower)
  • Elapsed operating time counter
  • Installation transparency thanks to operating data interface (IDAPSY)
  • External load sensor option for use in lifting columns, manipulators and customer-specific load handling attachments
Simple installation
  • “Plug & Lift” electric connections
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