High overload capability – convenient operation

Dedrive Compact STO

Outstanding drive performance combined with maximum functionality

Our Dedrive Compact STO frequency inverters offer outstanding performance and satisfy even the most demanding drive requirements with ease. They feature not only tried-and-tested reliability and functionality, but also:

  • high overload capability
  • simple operation
  • control characteristics for travel and lifting applications independent of the load
  • can already be used for 0.75 kW recommended motor shaft output
  • highly cost-effective thanks to low wear on the drive system
  • application modules are also available with Dedrive Compact STO

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

Dedrive Compact STO frequency inverters are used for starting-and-stopping applications and operating sequences to meet a wide variety of requirements for series AC motors with motor shaft outputs from 0.75 to 110 kW.

Outstanding performance and efficiency

  • Reliable operation also under harsh conditions
  • Fast commissioning
  • Equipped with line filters as standard (up to size 3, 17A)
  • Numerical and graphic actual-value analysis
  • Low drive system wear compared to line-fed motors


  • High overload capability: up to 10 seconds/factor of 2 every 10 minutes, also for very high peak loads
  • Protection against unexpected start-up thanks to Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function
  • Rugged design: low susceptibility to vibration

Individual configurations

  • Programmed parameters for solutions to meet specific requirements

Technical data

Dedrive Compact STO frequency inverters offer outstanding hardware and software characteristics.


  • Output currents from 2.4 to 210 A
  • Nominal voltage range from 380 to 480 V +10/-15%
  • Overload capability: factor of 1.5 for 60 seconds, factor of 2.0 for 10 seconds (except for DIC-4-040)
  • Short-circuit/earth-fault resistant motor circuit output
  • CE and cULus listed
  • System bus for master/slave applications
  • Integrated line filter up to size 3
  • Integrated brake chopper
  • Plug-in control terminals
  • Evaluation of motor temperature detector
  • STO – Safe Torque Off to EN 61800-5-2 meets the requirements of Cat. 3, PL d to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 2 to IEC 61508
  • External 24 V supply
  • Keypad unit for parameter programming and commissioning
  • Communications modules for field bus network
  • Universal extension modules to add control inputs and outputs, as well as PTC thermistor and speed encoder evaluation
  • Parcom Compact PC software for convenient parameter programming and diagnosis
  • Filters, line reactors, braking resistors


  • Control of cylindrical and conical-rotor motors
  • Parameter identification when the motor is at standstill
  • Field-oriented control with/without speed encoder for highly dynamic speed control
  • Speed monitoring
  • Rounding function for smooth acceleration
  • Four switchable data sets (e.g. control, ramp or motor switchover)
  • Control modes with pre-programmed input assignment: setpoint memory, setpoint steps (2 to 8-stage) and analogue control modes
  • Motor potentiometer via keypad unit
  • Brake release monitoring
  • Programmable joystick characteristics
  • Load-dependent speed for hoist operation with field weakening (ProHub)
  • Load spectrum calculation
  • Freely programmable logic functions with digital and analogue links
  • Speed or torque control freely selectable
  • Simple positioning function via defined position path
  • Master/slave function, electronic gearbox and closed-loop control
  • Average and peak value memory for various process variables
  • Comprehensive diagnosis functions
  • Positioning – 32 data sets for destination positions and travel profiles