Demag cranes - Reliable storage of big bags

Food and beverages

From agriculture to retail trade

Food products often have to travel a long distance from where they are harvested until they are turned into finished foodstuffs. We help to ensure that the many steps along the way throughout the process can be completed as efficiently as possible.

Fields of application

  • Agricultural production
  • Industrial food processing
  • Beverages industry
  • Distribution and shipping/food and beverages retail trade

Agricultural production

Demag cranes are already in operation before the start of the value chain in industrial agricultural production. Demag overhead-travelling cranes provide for the storage of big bags filled with raw materials (e.g. cane sugar). In companies where materials are processed locally, Demag cranes also ensure that machine spare parts are handled safely and reliably.

Industrial food processing

In this sector, the space-saving design of our standard cranes and components enables then to be integrated into almost any production installation. Demag drive solutions are used to move rail-mounted distribution carriages precisely in production and storage operations – e.g. for handling containers of raw and auxiliary materials. And Demag motors also ensure that the right quantity of material is employed in blending processes.

Beverages industry

The tasks performed by Demag cranes and drives in the beverages industry are as varied as the range of beverages products. We always deliver the right configuration – from the Demag KBK light crane system in a wine cellar to complete industrial drive solutions in a large-scale dairy.

Distribution and shipping

We also provide valuable help for the handling of packed foods and beverages – with Demag KBK light cranes and compact hoists, which offer ergonomic relief for workers during handling operations.

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