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DRS-M wheel block system

Performance meets modularity: Universal. Reliable. Support.

Demag wheel block systems can keep your business on the move – as single components or complete travel units. The DRS-M is a further improvement of a system that is successfully used in hundreds and thousands of applications all over the world.

Simple installation and alignment, compact dimensions and many connection options are also key DRS-M characteristics. And they include a range of new features that provide users with efficiency benefits. The range includes four sizes 112 – 200, which are fully compatible with the previous models. Four further wheel blocks (DRS 250 – 500) round off the DRS product range with load capacities up to 40 t.

DRS-M details

The DRS-M is a further improvement of a system that is successfully used in hundreds and thousands of applications all over the world.

DRS-M: Sizes 112 - 200

  • Like all other wheel blocks and systems, DRS-M wheel blocks are manufactured at our production facility in Wetter (Ruhr), Germany.
  • High-quality housings made of die-cast aluminium have good rigidity with very high tolerances.
  • They also offer optimum protection for travel wheels and bearings.
  • Powder-coated for high protection.
  • Prepared for direct connection.

Prepared for accessories

  • Flexible planning
  • Thanks to integrated threaded boreholes, optional accessories such as
    • guide rollers or
    • rail sweepers
  • Can be installed direct on the wheel block – or simply added later, as required

Easy to check: Mechanical wear measurement

  • Besides its flange wear indicator, DRS-M also makes it easy to inspect the travel wheel tread.
  • This mechanical wear indicator can be used to check the current state of wear on the wheel – at standstill and regardless of the wheel position.
  • The result can be easily read on a colour scale.



Fixed alignment

  • The innovative installation connection enables wheel blocks to be replaced quickly without the need for time-consuming readjustment.
  • This fixed alignment element can be attached to the steelwork and ensures that the wheel block remains precisely positioned even after it is replaced.

Even stronger guide rollers

  • The improved guide roller attachment enables even higher horizontal forces to be accommodated.
  • On the DRS-M 200, for example, it can now accommodate 20% of the given wheel load and ensure smooth running characteristics also under extreme loads.

System wheel variants

  • 7 standard travel wheel shapes as well as customer-specific designs
  • The DRS-M is equipped to meet any customer requirement


Connection variants: Improve to the max

Any connection can be implemented with the DRS-M: prepared mating surfaces enable them to be connected to bolted as well as welded elements and installed in hollow profile sections and crossbeams.

Wheel block DRS-M
Load capacity [t] 2.75 5 7 10
Travel wheel dia. [mm] 112 125 160 200
a1 [mm] 190 220 275 340
b1* [mm] 47 60 65 65
b2 [mm] 80 80 89 101
c1 [mm] 96 98 110 130
H1 [mm] 131 147.5 187 238


DRS-M comments and opinions

Andreas Duhme
Andreas Duhme
Drives Sales Manager, Germany
“Compatibility with the previous model is important for our customers. This means that existing cranes and other equipment can also be modernized with our new wheel blocks.”
Christoph Greger
Christoph Greger
Product Manager Industrial Drives
“The wear measurement function is one of the key further developments of our DRS-M. The smart feature is the perfect implementation of a very simple idea – and planning engineers and users can gain insights into the system with ease. In this way, we have improved the availability of our wheel blocks and have made it even easier to plan any maintenance or replacement needs.”


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