Demag Cranes for the La Joya mining region (Peru)

Safely handling loads weighing up to 80 tonnes by Demag

Demag Cranes for the La Joya mining region (Peru)

The Peruvian Demag Official Country Partner Trex Perú has supplied two electric overhead travelling cranes, each with a load capacity of 40 tonnes. The cranes are equipped with the smart SafeControl system and operate in the La Joya mining region (Peru). Both cranes can handle large-volume machinery components together in smart tandem mode.


Ferreycorp is a Peruvian conglomerate engaged in the import, distribution, sale, leasing and maintenance of construction, mining, agricultural and transport equipment, vehicles and machinery such as, tractors, trucks and excavators. Trex belongs to Ferreycorp and represents the Demag brand in Peru and Chile. For more than 20 years, our products have been represented with expertise for handling and lifting solutions in these countries. The project at the La Joya complex in Arequipa included the first equipment needed for a new workshop.


To transport components, Ferreyros needs cranes that can also handle large-volume components in a perfect state of balance. Inbound loads weighing up to 80 tonnes need to be brought into the workshop in one step together. Inside the workshop, certain areas must not be approached by the cranes, so blocked zones are assigned within the crane control system.


“We are pleased to announce the completion of this turn-key project where we were responsible for the engineering, delivery, transport, assembly and commissioning of the equipment. With these high-performance cranes operating in smart tandem mode, very large machine parts can be transported from the yard to the interior, which boosts productivity for the repair work in this important production facility”, explains Carlos Ojeda, Country Manager for Trex in Peru.

The installed Demag overhead travelling cranes have a span of 24 metres and travel along the crane runway at variable speeds of 6 - 60 m/min. The frequency inverter-controlled travel characteristics help the crane operator to transport the components safely and reliably. The operator is also supported by the Demag smart SafeControl system. The safety control system continuously monitors and protects both man and machine while the crane is in operation. The operator receives support while handling the load particularly under demanding smart tandem control. Certain parts within the workshop are defined in advance where the crane cannot travel. If the cranes move towards these parts of the workshop, the smart safety control system intervenes and brings the cranes to a secured state. The operator can then only move the crane towards an approved area of the workshop. In addition, the operating data of the cranes are remotely monitored and, consequently, the decision-making process for maintenance can be optimised and potential operating improvements can be revealed.

Demag cranes are equipped with high-performance Demag industrial drives, which have been specially developed for crane applications. They provide powerful and precise long and cross-travel motions as well as higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance needs and a longer service life. Both cranes are equipped with Demag EZ-DMR 20 hoist units which travel at variable speeds of 3-30 m/min. For positioning of the machine parts, on the other hand, Ferreyros relies on two lifting speeds: 3.6 m/min and 0.6 m/min.

It is important to mention that the various workshops at the complex in La Joya have several lifting solutions supplied by Trex Perú, such as Demag overhead travelling cranes with load capacities between 5 and 20 t and a considerable number of Demag pillar-mounted slewing cranes with load capacities between 0.5 t and 5 t. The hoist units used include DC-Pro 25-5000 2/1 chain hoists, which are the most powerful chain hoists in the DC range. Heavy components can be transported to the workplaces and machining centres in La Joya with the two-stage lifting speeds of 4.8 m/min and 1.2 m/min.

Special features

The Demag smart SafeControl system continuously monitors the crane data and ensures that certain parts of the workshop can be avoided. In addition, the safety control system co-ordinates safe smart tandem control of the two cranes. The Demag StatusBoard visualises the current operating statuses of the crane direct on the crane girder and on the display of the DRC-10 radio control system.

In a defined section of the crane runway, two-stage limit switches slow down the relevant crane before it reaches the limit stops and prevent them from being approached at unbraked speeds. In addition, both cranes are protected against collisions by an optical system.

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