Increasing productivity and efficiency

Process cranes for the paper industry

Reliable solutions for reliable processes

In the paper industry, the wet and dry ends of paper machines need to be supplied with a high level of reliability and they have to be equipped ready for any maintenance work that needs to be done. In addition, rolls of paper have to be stored and retrieved gently, precisely and efficiently. To meet these diverse requirements, we have developed special solutions that provide for reliable processes in paper mills and stores:

  • Cranes to serve paper machines
  • Cranes to serve roller cutters
  • Automated process cranes to serve paper roll stores
  • Warehouse management systems.

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

Cranes to serve paper machines/roller cutters

  • Reliable lifting solutions for operation and maintenance (dry and wet end)
  • Safe and reliable handling of full reels
  • Return of empty reels to the reel store
  • Precise handling for the installation and removal of machine rollers
  • High flexibility for maintenance work thanks to additional cantilever crabs of compact design and with low approach dimensions
  • Increased efficiency thanks to lifting speeds that depend on the load
  • Improved safety thanks to semi-automated operating sequences with destination positioning

Automated paper roll store

  • Specific solutions for intermediate and shipping stores
  • High safety standards thanks to fully automated operating sequences
  • Optimised utilisation of the available space thanks to honeycomb design with high stack density
  • Gentle transport of rolls by means of vacuum grippers for single rolls
  • Mechanical grippers for simultaneously lifting up to four packed rolls
  • High level of process dependability thanks to reliable interface between the warehouse management system and the host computer system
  • Rapid access for just-in-time staging
  • No operating costs for forklifts in the store
  • Reduced personnel costs
  • Fast return on investment

Warehouse management system

  • Warehouse management systems developed in-house with customer-specific options
  • Comprehensive system visualisation
  • Direct support with remote maintenance solutions