For specific requirements without any need for design work

LRS travel wheel system

The system that is ready to install for a perfect fit

Using our LRS travel wheel system, you can meet your drive requirements quickly and reliably for transport, feed, transfer, distribution or merge applications. We can supply you with the travel wheels and drive units to suit every application. Ready to install, tried-and-tested designs at extremely attractive prices. What other benefits does the LRS travel wheel system offer?

  • Suitable for wheel loads up to 6.5 tonnes and travel speeds up to 240 m/min
  • High-quality spheroidal-graphite cast-iron housing
  • 5 connection surfaces provide for a multitude of connection variants
  • Versatile thanks to the modular design
  • Also ideal for OEMs
  • Maintenance free

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Product information

The benefits at a glance


  • Modular system to meet practical design requirements
  • Three sizes available for loads up to 6.5 tonnes and travel speeds up to 240 m/min
  • Ideal for engineers who want to build their own solutions for a wide variety of applications (simple selection of components)
  • Can also be extended quickly and cost-effectively at a later date
  • For push-travel operation or fitted with Demag offset and angular geared motors as individual or central drive units

Cost-effective implementation

  • Attractively priced standard modules for short delivery times with high availability
  • Consistently high quality thanks to reliable series production

Tailored solutions

  • High ground clearance for wheel blocks thanks to the compact system design – also for complete drive units with their gearbox concept designed to match the wheel load
  • Flangeless travel wheels with a Hydropur tyre for quiet running characteristics also with high acceleration
  • Travel wheels made of spheroidal-graphite cast iron (GGG 70) with vibration-damping characteristics for high-speed operation which is particularly gentle on the rail
  • Comprehensive range of gearbox sizes and travel motors

Wide range of mounting options

  • Horizontal guide rollers
  • Buffers
  • Pin connection set
  • Rail sweeping system
  • Laser alignment jig

Other features

  • Maintenance-free, patented travel wheel bearing arrangement
  • Gearbox and travel wheel connected via a hollow shaft with involute splines and optimum matching torque bracket
  • All travel wheels have hub splines to DIN 5480
  • Travel units fitted with the LRS system offer good ground clearance for travel on rails at ground level
  • Included in the scope of delivery: high-tensile bolted connections with special surface protection

Optimum support for project engineering and design work

  • Simple and clearly structured documentation
  • Simple selection by means of tables or guided by online tools
  • Web-based planning tool:
  • CAD files of the individual sub-assemblies simplify the design of your application

Technical data

Travel speeds and load capacities:

LRS travel wheel travel speed and load capacities

LRS travel wheel system dimensions

LRS travel wheel system dimensions
travel wheel *)
Max. load capacity Travel wheel dia. Weight Dimensions [mm]
  [t] [mm] [kg] l1 d1 hA /
b1 b2
LRS 200 A 2.5 175 15.3 250 175 204.5 52 70
 LRS 200 F 1.2 200 15.1    200  217 - 70
LRS 250 A 3.5 220 27.6 306 220 255 55 80
 LRS 250 F 1.7 250 26.7    250 270 - 80
LRS 350 A 6.5 315 63 450 315 349.5 65 95
 LRS 350 F 3.0 350 65    350 367 - 110
  • A = flanged travel wheel made of spheroidal-graphite cast iron
  • F =  travel wheel fitted with Hydropur tyre
    Please refer to the DRS travel wheel system brochure (download) for further technical data and dimensions