Simple ergonomic handling

KBK Aluline

Demag KBK Aluline light crane system


KBK Aluline is the right solution wherever a track and crane installation has to deliver high performance at a minimum weight. Our new KBK Aluline modular crane system is suited for many applications and enables customers to design almost any overhead suspension crane or monorail system with smooth operation.

New KBK Aluline:

    • highly ergonomic as loads can be moved and stopped quickly with minimum effort
    • extremely low weight coupled with high rigidity
    • very smooth operation thanks to tightly integrated system components
    • convenient handling loads of weighing up to 4,400 lbs (2,000 KG)
    • enables future modifications due to modular system design
    • Fast and simple installation and conversion
    • Low noise levels
    • Virtually maintenance-free system
    • Six different aluminium profile sections in four sizes
    • Integrated conductor line for two profile sizes
    • Unique combinations with steel profile sections for maximum distances between suspensions

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    Product information

    Key Benefits

    Optimum egonomics

    • Convenient and ergonomic push-travel operation thanks to low crane deadweights
    • Optimum support for fatigue-free operation
    • Reduced physical burden for workers
    • Lower absenteeism due to illness
    • Higher employee satisfaction
    • Optimum workplace design thanks to comprehensive range of chain hoists and load handling attachments

    Highly cost-effective

    • Maximum value and efficiency throughout the entire product service life
    • Compatible with existing KBK Aluline systems
    • Smart combinations with steel profile sections for even larger distances between suspensions
    • Gain valuable floor space thanks to overhead materials handling – linear, e.g. along a production line, and area-serving, e.g. at individual assembly stations

    Maximum flexibility

    • Modular system design based on the construction-kit principle
    • Wide range of applications from push-travel and electric systems or pneumatic operation to fully automated installations
    • New components can be integrated or existing units can be replaced with ease at any time
    • Combination of aluminium and steel profile sections possible in one installation
    • Short delivery times thanks to availability of almost all parts from stock

    Valuable cost savings

    • Fast and simple installation and conversion
    • Reduced forces transmitted to superstructures for lighter, more cost-effective building design
    • Greater distances between suspensions and joints for fewer suspension fittings: additional steelwork largely unnecessary
    • Simple and cost-effective modification and extension to meet changing requirements

    Proven system

    • Continuously tested
    • Quality made in Germany
    • Modular crane system from the market leader with more than 50 years of experience

    Professional planning support

    • Free KBK Designer online tool for project engineering
    • Planning made easy: fast, self-explanatory configuration including static calculation, parts list, technical drawing and quotation price
    • Link to the Demag Shop order system for simple and reliable orders at the click of your mouse

    Other features

    Profile sections

    • Six inside-running extruded profile sections in four sizes, two of which feature integrated conductor lines
    • Easy to install thanks to simple bolted connecting plates
    • Extremely low deadweight for high rigidity
    • Can be combined with older installations via adapters
    • ITEM-compatible slots

    Profile sections at a glance

    • KBK Aluline A12 (120 mm headroom dimension)
    • KBK Aluline A16 (160 mm headroom dimension)
    • KBK Aluline A18 (180 mm headroom dimension)
    • KBK Aluline A18-R with integrated conductor line
    • KBK Aluline A22 (220 mm headroom dimension)
    • KBK Aluline A22-R with integrated conductor line

    Suspension variants

    • Articulated Classic suspensions
    • Rigid KBK Ergo suspensions
    • Suspension from workshop ceilings or roof structures (without the need for additional columns to support the crane runway)
    • Height-adjustable with millimetre precision