Double-Girder Cranes Offer High Load Capacity Combined with Wide Spans

ZKKE Double-Girder Cranes

Invest in Handling Efficiency and Performance with a Double-Girder Crane

Our double-girder overhead traveling cranes offer exceptional load capacity and minimum deadweight. Their precise and stable geometry provides travel characteristics that minimize wear on the end carriages and runway. In addition, the load hook can be raised between the two crane girders which enables maximum lifting heights.

At Demag, we pride ourselves on providing double-girder overhead cranes with the best performance quality. With the help of our double-girder cranes, you can boost efficiency and functionality within your facility. You can rely on us for the right equipment as we offer user-friendly and innovative designs, beneficial for various industries.

Choose Demag as Your Double-Girder Overhead Crane Supplier

We understand how demanding your workload can be and that’s why you need a double-girder crane. Designed with various functionalities to help with lifting and safety compliance, our cranes allow you to dedicate your focus fully on your business.

Our powerful and industrial cranes, including the double-girder crane, has helped customers in various industries solve their project needs. Some of the industries that our double-girder overhead crane has helped include:

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Demag is here to help offer double-girder cranes where reliable, precise lifting is needed. If you are searching for lifting the heaviest loads, the optimized lifted height and sensitive load handling make the double-girder overhead crane the ideal solution. We also provide other solutions to meet your specific crane requirements.

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Double-Girder Overhead Crane Information

The benefits at a glance

High stability and design rigidity

  • Torsionally rigid
  • Connections between the double-girder cranes and end trucks are manufactured to precise machined tolerances for minimum wear
  • End truck of torsionally rigid, welded box construction
  • Excellent travel characteristics and minimum wear due to low-maintenance drives
  • Travel wheels of highly wear-resistant GGG 70 spheroidal-graphite cast iron with self-lubricating properties

Highly cost-effective

  • Low deadweight reduces cost – crane girders made of computer-optimized box sections
  • Rope hoist helps reduce operating cost due to extended 2m+ service life classification (1,900 hours of service at full load)
  • Reliable monitoring and preventive maintenance due to advanced CAN Bus technology

Efficiency and performance

  • Control pendant suspended for separate travel on the double-girder crane
  • Power supply to the trolley via high-flexibility flat cable with protective ground conductor
  • Optional radio control and proportional pushbuttons

 Modular design

  • Contact us for additional options and customized system integration

Technical data

Load capacity up to 50 mt
Span up to 114'
Long-travel speed up to 160 fpm
Cross-travel speed up to 82 fpm
Lifting speed up to 41 fpm

Design variants

ZKKE design variants

Variants for optimum adaptation to the building design

Equipment options

With our wide range of equipment options, we match our universal cranes to the individual requirements of your application:

  • Control via pendant switch
  • Control via interactive radio control with proportional pushbuttons
  • End carriages with horizontal guide rollers to accommodate unique runway requirements.
  • Limit switches or slack rope relays protect the hoist and load from damage
  • Zone control system prevents collisions with obstacles along the trolley and bridge travel paths
  • Anti-collision protection and crane distance controls ensure the safe operation of several double-girder overhead cranes on one runway
  • Cranes can be fitted with two trolleys with simultaneous/independent control for handling of long and non-standard loads
  • Full-length walkways and maintenance platforms available