Reliability and high performance

Process cranes for recycling and bulk material

Ready for every application

In refuse incineration installations, refuse-derived fuel facilities, cogeneration plants, and cement sites, the operational environment for cranes is particularly harsh. Our process cranes are ideally engineered for these applications.

  • Optimum design for loading and unloading storage bunkers: fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual control modes
  • Laser-assisted height measurement
  • Continous operation
  • Customized software for control and visualization

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

Reliability and high performance

  • Bridge cranes make it possible to utilise the entire storage volume and to store a wide variety of materials at the same time
  • Continuous material flow thanks to consistently high handling rates
  • Material can be transported without unnecessary dust levels – the grab opens only when it is located directly above the outfeed chute or above the material in storage
  • In contrast to other means of transport, the storage bays can be completely emptied

Refuse recycling installations:

  • emptying tipping positions
  • blending refuse
  • continuously serving the incineration furnaces
  • disposing of any slag material that occurs

Wood-fired cogeneration power stations:

  • clearing tipping positions
  • placing fuel into storage
  • feeding material to the incineration furnaces

Bulk material stores:

  • placing material into storage
  • creating required blends
  • serving incineration furnaces

High flexibility

  • A wide range of solutions can be implemented within a minimum of time by individual modification of standard software to meet specific load handling requirements
  • Optimum utilisation of experienced personnel in the company thanks to fully automated operation of the crane installations

Clear visualisation

  • The visualisation system is controlled by keyboard and mouse
  • Status messages
  • Graphic display of the installation layout and major interfaces between the crane installations and other machinery
  • Travel movements (x, y and z axis) are shown in motion
  • Display of the filling levels in the delivery bunker and in the input chute (in mm)
  • Operating hour evaluation for all drives: crane, crab, hoist unit
  • Intuitive user interface: content of store/operating manual/display of maintenance intervals