Efficient, versatile and cost-effective

Process cranes for process integration

Full integration and efficiency

From lifting and positioning of a load, to installing and loading machinery – we link processes to ensure seamless integration. Our efficient, versatile and cost-effective solutions are customized for your applications:

  • custom designs for cost-effective applications
  • efficient handling of large and small loads
  • precise delivery of material to machining centers, machine tools and press lines
  • cranes with manual, semi or fully automatic operating sequences
  • high-speed crane control system ensures maximum throughput
  • advanced drive and control systems ensure smooth and efficient material transport

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Product information

The benefits at a glance

Maximum efficiency and flexibility

  • Wide range of solutions tailored to meet specific requirements
  • High handling rates and smooth transport thanks to reliable load-sway damping and automatic positioning systems
  • Machining centres, machine tools and press lines can be precisely served thanks to gentle and reliable motions
  • Cranes equipped for semi-automated operating sequences also ensure that tools and machinery are configured exactly in line with production requirements

The outstanding benefits of our tailored solutions are found in a wide range of applications:

Automotive industry

  • Process cranes for the transport and storage of press tools (also semi-automated), including turning operations
  • Automated cranes for removing bales of scrap
  • Crane installations for the maintenance of rolling stock

Heavy mechanical engineering

  • Cranes for the in-house transport of turbine and compressor rotors, marine diesel engines, crankshafts, ship propellors and other large parts
  • Large construction machinery, crawler excavators and mobile cranes

Power stations

  • Machine shop cranes for the assembly of steam and gas turbines and generators
  • Workshop cranes

Automated cranes

  • Storage of furniture containers
  • Storage and transport of injection moulding tools