Efficient system solutions

Process cranes for steel handling

Efficiency and flexibility combined with impressive performance

Effective material handling systems are critical to achieving cost-effectiveness in steel service centers. Our cranes improve efficiency and flexibility throughout all operating sequences – including downstream industrial processes. Our customers rely on our crane systems for efficient storage and just-in-time delivery. To satisfy these needs, we offer:

  • a wide range of crane products for steel service centers
  • customized solutions for steel service centers
  • engineered for maximum uptime
  • maximum floorspace utilization


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Product information

The benefits at a glance

The outstanding benefits of our tailored solutions for the steel trade are found in a wide range of applications:

Transport of long materials

  • Steelmaster high-performance cranes in various speeds and classifications
  • Single-girder cranes with cantilever crabs
  • Customer-specific equipment options:
    • 2 open winch crabs
    • rope stabilising arrangements in the long and cross-travel directions
    • magnet spreaders, telescoping design, rotating magnets
    • calibrated weighing devices, data transfer
    • transport of cassettes and stacking racks
    • manual or radio control or fully automated control options

Process cranes in coil stores

  • Transport of steel and aluminium coils
  • Coil magnet or coil tongs as the load handling attachment
  • Customer-specific equipment options:
    • cab or radio control
    • manual, semi-automatic and fully automated control solutions

Automated cranes

  • Demag warehouse management system
  • Visualisation
  • Remote maintenance


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