Stop for a demo! DCBS Electric Balancer, DC Chain Hoists, KBK Crane Systems

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Stop for a Demo of Demag Balancers, Chain Hoists and KBK Crane Systems in Booth #S2423

Demag DCBS Electric Balancer

  • Lift, float, and maneuver loads up to 550 pounds.
  • Grip Mode allows the operator to move the load quickly or slowly and precisely. 
  • Use 2 hands on the load in Float Mode/ Load Guided Mode to maneuver the load into place.
  • Specialized Assembly Mode makes connecting two components together more ergonomic and efficient.
  • Programmable for additional safety and efficiency in each standard mode. Integrate your custom grippers or end tooling and customize the balancer to meet your needs.
  • Available with a Remote Handle to integrate into your own end tooling or for handling large sized loads.


Demag Chain Hoists

  • Models lifting up to 5 Tons in configurations to meet your requirements, with stocked models in the USA up to 11,000 pounds for quick delivery to your project site in the USA or Canada
  • Designed to be rated to H4 heavy duty (FEM 2M rating) and use 24V control voltage
  • Easy to install and minimal maintenance required
  • Flexible trolley, control, and headroom options to tailor the hoist to your requirements
  • Additional standardized options include tandem double and quad chain hoists, wind hoists, and extended hook

Demag KBK Crane and Monorail Systems

  • Configure KBK Systems into ceiling mounted, freestanding workstation, monorail systems, or jib cranes to meet your exacting requirements
  • Aluminum and steel rail available have a protective coating on the outside and inside to prevent contamination to the running surface
  • Trolley and control options to meet your requirements
  • Seamlessly integrate a Demag DC chain hoist, DCBS electric balancer, or D-BP II air balancer onto Demag KBK systems


Demag Drive Solutions | Learn More in Booth #S2423

Demag Drives products help you create a material handling solution for vertical and horizontal movements with precision and efficiency

Demag Crane Components for Heavy Lifting

Demag crane components help you lift loads and can be used to engineer an overhead lifting solution to meet your requirements
  • DH Wire Rope Hoist | Wire rope hoist for non-standard environments lifting capacities up to 100 Tons with 340 feet of lift.
  • DMR Wire Rope Hoist | Standard wire rope hoist lifting capacities up to 50 Tons with configurations to meet your requirements.
  • FG Microspeed Motor | Get precise positioning in extreme environments with a main motor and microspeed motor. Co-Axial F10 motor on Demag hoists are based off this design.
  • DRS Wheel Block Systems | The reliable, trusted Demag wheel block for travel down on a crane runway or other material handling project.
  • Demag End Truck Solutions | Travel solutions for overhead cranes and material handling projects to meet your requirements.

Performance Lifting Solutions

Performance means purpose-built components. It means all components are designed to work together for lifting to create the quality and reliability your lifting processes need. Performance means an efficient cost of ownership over the lift of the equipment. It means having the efficient operations you need to get the job done safely.
That’s what Demag stands for.