Demag StatusControl: crane analysis in real time

Improved productivity for crane operation
Whether you are in the factory, in your office or on the road: our Demag StatusControl system gives you a complete overview of the status of your crane installations, regardless of the manufacturer or brand. Our innovative diagnostics system supplies you with all relevant operating data at a glance, in real time for all cranes integrated into the system. Benefit from maximum convenience and reliability with remote access in all applications. The information supplied enables maintenance work to be optimised, indicates potential faults and improves compliance with all safety regulations.
The remote access solution reduces the need for monitoring and improves productivity.

Simple remote diagnosis
You can access the remote monitoring system via our user-friendly software tool, which you can use with ease in the same way on your PC or tablet. Users can also access all relevant operating data with mobile devices based on Windows, such as notebooks or tablet PCs via WLAN or GSM at all times. The "traffic-light" system shows you what needs to be done straight away. In addition, the software provides regular status updates in the form of reports and additional information via integrated info panels.

Benefits at a glance

  • Real-time analysis of all data relevant for operation
  • Improved safety thanks to an effective early-warning system
  • Drastically reduced response times if maintenance or repair work is needed
  • Improved safety, reliability and productivity thanks to latest system status information at all times
  • Self-explanatory and intuitive user interface
  • Preventive and cost-effective maintenance
  • Can be added at any time
  • Maximum convenience and reliability


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